Spring Into Fitness Challenge!

Hello and Welcome to our Spring into Fitness Challenge!

For the next Four weeks we are going to get into great shape,

Welcome to this FREE Fitness Challenge!

Rules for the challenge:

  1. Try to eat whole foods. Opt to cook whenever possible, avoid getting take out. Follow the 80/20 rule, where you are mindful about what you eat, but you also allow yourself to enjoy and live.
  2. Follow the weekly challenges:
    • Week One: drink a gallon of water every day
    • Week Two: 1 min Plank Every Day
    • Week Three: 50 squats every day
    • Week Four: 20 lunges every day
  3. Do the youtube workouts every day
    • Plan outline: 
      • Monday – arm strength
      • Tuesday – Pilates 
      • Wednesday – leg strength workout
      • Thursday – Pilates
      • Friday – flexibility training
    • Weekend – walking challenge
  4. On the weekend participate in the walking challenge, Walk 20 minutes or more each day, see how many steps you can get over the weekend, go for a walk, a hike, or a run…
  5. Participate in the Journal Challenge and journal with me for the next4 weeks!
  6. Check in with me, here and on youtube!

And you could Win a Black Cat Tarot Deck!


Spring is the perfect time to reset. We should be assessing our goals year round, but this is a great time to check in on where your plans are currently sitting. Are you happy with your life? I believe mental health and physical health are so closely linked. To often I meet people with such distorted views about their body and their appearance. Often we are so harsh and negative about ourselves.

One way to earn back our respect for ourselves is with exercise. Simple doing the difficult act of getting uncomfortable. That is truly what movement can be summed up as, its simply a practice of getting uncomfortable over and over again. I don’t believe exercise has to hurt or that you have to get supper sweaty. I have seen how Pilates can transform someone’s body and I want to help show you how much more you can love and a feel good in your body.

This 4 week challenge is everything you need to change your mindset. These workouts will be fun, there won’t be any need for endless cardio and restrictive dieting! We are going to Eat Clean.

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