Currently accepting new Personal Training clients…

I am not like other trainers.

I don’t believe in No Pain, No Gain.

I believe you should learn something each session with me.

I believe exercise should feel good.

Have you tried virtual training?

It sucked everything closed down for a while, but it allowed us to see how connected we can all be. Virtual Training Sessions rck becuase they save you time, no need to leave your house and head to the gym, instead I come right to you on the screen!

I can see you and correct your form in real time.

I can help you create a habit of fitness and actually stick to it.

You wont skip a workout when you have it scheduled for you!

I am your accountability friend!

You should feel good in your body

If movement hurts, lets talk!

I want to show you how good you can feel in your body!

I am now accepting new client requests for December!

Want to workout, but you don’t know where to start?

Does going to the gym feel like a chore?

Do you want to increase your mobility, flexibility and strength?

Booking a package with me means you’re investing in your health and future. I know we are all busy and you never have enough time, but I promise working out is going to FEEL good. You’ll get MORE energy and you will feel good.

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