Pilates Challenge!


Pilates Challenge

As many of you know I teach Pilates at Los Volcances Senior Center. It is a ton of fun to teach and I love growing and expanding my knowledge.

I have been teaching Pilates now for 8 years. I remember the first time I taught at Los Volcanes. I was so nervous. I rehearsed my class at least three times, and I was shaking when I taught it. Since starting teaching Pilates, I have become a certified Personal Trainer and taught at over 20 different studios all over Albuquerque.

I am so lucky that my journey has brought me here. Teaching Pilates is something I absolutely love. I love reading the room, and trying different things, I love the feedback from students. I love the joy when people get stronger, I love when students feel encouraged and healthier. I am so thankful for the friendships I have built.

I am an avid traveler and usually I take large chunks of the year visiting other places. This is hard to do when you teach a class and your income is tied to how often you teach, constantly missing means less students. I strive to always teach, regardless of my mood, or if I am having a bad day. Pilates always makes me feel better. So since I am going on a trip I have Pilates virtually for free for everyone!

If you have ever wanted to take my class or you’re interested in trying Pilates, I have you covered!

Here is a list of all the Videos!

If you want to learn more Pilates and support me, download my Pilates guide to engaging your core HERE

First class- gently get into it
How to modify and know when you need to!

Week Two

This class is actually on my birthday! Celebrate with me!


Week Three


Week Four



Week Five


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