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You can get my black Cat Tarot Deck right now!!

8 cards per sheet high quality!

When I was a kid I found one of my moms tarot decks and laid out all the cards. She got really upset I was messing with her stuff but I thought the cards were so beautiful, I wanted to look at them more but she wouldn’t let me touch them. So When I first bought my own Tarot deck when I was 20 I was so happy, I set out all the cards , every day and just loved them. Now I personally own almost 100 decks. I love them. I love to do readings. I love to sit with the cards. Tarot means so much to me personally. I love that each deck can speak to you in a different way. I set out to create my own tarot deck but put that project down at least 7 times as something “too difficult” well I finally created Painted Tarot which was my first Tarot Deck and funded on kickstarter, it was so freeing but I felt like I learned so much from the experience I wanted to create another deck. I created Cats in Space Tarot and was narrowly funded on kickstarter. I was told by so many people that projet was a good idea and I think it was too niche. But then doing some self healing I got really creative and made an oracle deck, Love Thy Self. Which was also funded on kickstarter. I wanted to come back to tarot and I wanted to create a tarot deck that was really for me. So I made this Deck, Black Cat Tarot. This is my 4th Deck that I have created and I am so proud of it. I have learned so much about myself, about tarot with each deck. This is definitely my best one yet. 

I hope that someone does a reading with my deck and they find some clarity and insight into themselves. I believe tarot is a very important tool. I really believe in tapping into your own knowledge and power. Cats are so wise, you hear of cats sitting on hospital beds before people die. Cats are mysterious and wise creatures and we can learn so much from them.  I connect with black cats so personally that thinking about them in tarot has deepened my practice. I connect with these kitties and I hope others do too. There’s a special deck for every person. and theres a deck that is an occasional use Deck. I think this deck can be both. For some people I hope its their go to, for others I hope they at least find entertainment in the cards. Maybe they will really connect with a card and my imagery can connect them more deeply with that cards meaning.  It is a deep deck in the sense that symbolism is important for each card, but also its just pretty adorable in fun. Things can be multidimensional and purpose can be determined by the user.  I hope my deck makes people happy. Like a fat purring kitty on your lap 🙂

Why did you choose black cats specifically rather than cats in general?

Oh great question! Ok so I started an LLC 3 years ago. I was talking to my mentor at the time and he told me I needed a name for my business that was loose, because I was offering: event planning, design and pilates, etc and I needed an umbrella term that I could mold to fit where my career path took me. He told me not to think inside of a box. I was going to call my business “Thea’s Event Planning”. He told me to go home and think about it, so I went home and I sat in my room and my black cat Boo came up to me and sat in my lap, as she does whenever she can. I wrote out hundred of names, starting with “Boo Works” (My cats name is Boo) And I decided to name my business Black Cat Consulting LLC, just generic enough that I can still teach pilates and sell tarot decks under one business name 🙂 Boo is my ever loving companion. I accidentally adopted her from animal humane. I went to look at the new facility they built here in Albuquerque and made the mistake of going into the Cat room. I had just been dumped and I was super sad. But I sat in that room and Boo marched right towards me and immediately showed me her belly and let me pick her up and it was love at first cuddle and I had to take her home. They were not sure if she was 4 or 5 and that was roughly 6 years ago. I am guessing she is 10. I adopted her on October 30th so I celebrate her birthday every year, she loves fish so i usually giver her a little tuna. She is my best friend. She has been with me thru major life changes, seven moves, several changes in careers, multiple breakups. She is always purring at my side. even right now shes sitting on my feet as cute as can be. I think it’s only fitting that my tarot deck is black cat tarot. PLUS I have already made a deck called cats in space tarot (which is way different, it has real cat pictures and pictures from NASA). Also There are some great cat decks out there. Weird cat Tarot is tons of fun. I wanted my deck to be different then those in terms of focus and art. I think theres plenty room for even more cat decks 🙂

You can get my black Cat Tarot Deck right now!!

Also if you want to purchase this deck already printed, you can get it from my Esty shop here:

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