Never Miss a Monday – Introducing my Brand New Course! Winter Shred!

Winter Shred is a 6 week challenge that will literally change how you think.

Are you tired of starting fitness challenges and never finishing them?

Are you tired of your same old habits and patterns.

What if I gave you the TOOLS right now, to step by step address the hard stuff and start to change your life for REAL.

The Winter Shred is about finding movement, but it also about that mental component. Every week I give you worksheets to work through the stuff.

Yes you will have to ask yourself hard questions.

Yes you will have to address patterns that are no longer working for you.

But you will have support through out the challenge, encouraging growth, encouraging change. Where you can really focus on getting to know yourself and REWIRING your brain to manifest the life of your dreams.

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Here is an outline of the course

This Course Includes:

6 Week – Winter Shred Course – Shed the bad, make room for the good!

Week One: Where are you now?

  • Baseline Assessment – What do you want more of, what do you need to change
  • What captures the most of your energy? PDF
  • Exercise One – Be Present:
  • Exercise Two –  Breaking down your Time
  • Workout Pilates For Anxiety
  • Workout: Feel Good Pilates
  • Workout: Fat Burning Pilates

Week Two: Identifying where you need change.

Week Three: Assessing your current environment

  • A Clean House
  • Cleaning printables – calendar,
  • 31 Day cleaning Challenge
  • Exercise Three: How to self Sooth
  • Workout: Winter Shred 1
  • Workout:  flexibility Hips

Week Four: Where do you want to be?

  • Goal Setting Workbook
  • Exercise Four: Set your Goals up for success
  • Workout: Winter Shred 2
  • Workout: Splits
  • Workout: Weights 1

Week Five: Implementing Change

  • How to deal with the piles you are avoiding
  • Exercise Five: Breath Exercises – getting into what we avoid
  • Workout: Winter Shred 3
  • Workout: Mermaid and hip flexors
  • Workout: Weights 2

Week Six: Learning the lessons to carry new patterns forward

  • Forgiving yourself and Letting Go
  • Exercise Six: Finding Forgiveness
  • Exercise Seven Creating a habit to let go
  • Exercise Eight: Shred Inventory
  • Workout: Winter Shred Bonus
  • Workout: Weights 3
  • Workout: Flexibility Challenge

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Why you should hire a personal trainer…

  1. you want to start exercising but you don’t know where to start

This is the perfect time to hire a trainer because you don’t have to know anything and the trainer will guide you. You wont have to worry about doing something wrong or worry about getting hurt because you will have a professional on your team to support you!

2. You have an injury but want to get back into movment

Often our insurance doesn’t pay for a full time Physical Therapist but a Personal Trainer is the next best thing. Why? Because they will tell you when you should seek medical advice and when you can try a thing. They help you find exercises that can test the limits of where your current movement is, so that you can heal safely and know that if you do eventually have to see a physical therapist again you will have a template of what you have worked on!

3. You don’t have anyone in your life that supports your fitness goals

A personal Trainer is like you own personal cheerleader. Rooting for you, supporting you to achieve your goals. We are more successful when we have support. If you don’t have someone in your life advocating for your health and fitness, a personal trainer can fulfill that role…

You deserve a body that you feel good in.

You shouldn’t have to worry about pain or pulling your shoulder out.

Movement can be hard to find because of fear, disinterest and laziness.

I get it, motivation is hard to find most days.

But thats why you hire a personal trainer.

You make a commitment to yourself, most of my clients I see 2 or 3 times a week and for that half hour, or that hour. I am their motivation.

I design workouts to make your body feel good.

It’s not about pushing and doing the hardest workout.

It’s about connecting and moving with your body.

And you can do this at home with no equipment, just a screen and me.

Look I get it, there are a lot of BAD personal trainers out there.

I am not a newbie or someone desperate for clients. I genuinely want to help YOU feel good.

But if your not ready to start, keep scrolling.

If you are ready but you don’t know how to start, lets try one session.

Even if you have had bad experiences with trainers before, I want you to know I am different.

I am like a brainy carebear.

I pride myself in providing valuable and knowledgeable fitness information.

I want you to FEEL good in your body, not chase fad diets.

This isn’t quick results.

This is manifesting lifelong changes that promote your HEALTH, and make you LIVE LONGER.

It’s literally proved with science. Movement is health.

Health is complicated and it looks different on everyone.

I am not a NO PAIN NO GAIN trainer. Actually if a movement hurts you, we aren’t going to do that movement.

I want to show you how to move in your current range of motion in a safe way.

That doesn’t mean I am not going to push you. Make you stronger and push your limits.

We can crush all your goals this year.

Every body is different. Yours is so unique, you don’t need some cookie cutter workout copy and pasted off the internet.

You need a workout designed for how YOU move.

This is where I come in.

I am going to create exercises for your to sleep better, feel better and have more energy.

Whether your fear is from past injury, a bad gym experience or just fear.

Don’t worry the care bear is here.

I can help.

If I don’t know something I find out, I have read hundreds of published scientific journal articles in Physical therapy and movement to make sure I have the best most up to date information for my clients.

Want a virtual personal trainer that cares about you? 

This is your sign to start.

Limited time I have 3 spots open! Want to become my client? Apply now!

Tarot Tuesday

Today I wanted to spot light my latest Tarot Deck

Black Cat Tarot

I own every Cat deck that exists! I know of 10 if there are more let me know! I made sure my art and style was different from what is out there. This deck is simple yet funky with its art. The cats aren’t overly detailed but each card has REAL symbolism from the RWS style. It’s cutesy yet accurate, Stylized yet mystical. It’s a much different deck then any of the cat decks out there. including my Cats in Space Deck. I think its bright color and heavy imagery will provide for insightful readings. This is a clever deck and I hope it helps offer guidance and find hidden answers.

How long has it taken you to create this deck?

My First tarot deck took 4 years.  My second deck took roughly nine months. My Oracle Deck took two years to create and this deck has taken about 2 1/2 years total. Most of the art was completed in the last 2 months! Mostly November was when I created this deck. I sat and thought about this project for so long. But once I started it the art flowed out of me. It was so much fun to create this project. I hear sometimes people say during deck creation that it takes so long, and I didn’t experience that with this deck. It was a joy to make each card. Each one was fun. It felt so authentic and releasing. I feel like these cards are filled with wisdom that we are all capable of so much more than we can imagine. I completely loved creating this deck. It was one of my fastest projects. I seriously felt a shift inside myself that allowed me to create this. I really had to believe in myself to overcome the self donut of others. Everything people say to you is a reflection of themselves. Usually if someone says you can’t do something it is because they believe they couldn’t do that thing. Once I figured that out = a solid 50 hours of working straight and I almost had each card perfect!


What card are you most proud of and why?

I really like The hierophant Card. I struggle connecting with this card because it can have that religious sort of connotation. I hated this card in my Painted Tarot Deck. I painted her as a woman pope with shadows before her and I made her ominous and lifeless and creepy, like a negative yielding authority. I think shes ugly. Its not about being just for her its about following rules. So  I sat with this card for a while and decided to draw a funky kitty floating thru space time.  When you view this card like a teacher or a mentor and view it as life lessons for yourself you can start to see this as an omen of yes do your research and remember you stand on the shoulders of giants. There is nothing you can’t learn. So this is my favorite card because it made me connect deeper with this card for all of my tarot practice!

What impact would you like your deck to have on it’s readers?

I hope that someone does a reading with my deck and they find some clarity and insight into themselves. I believe tarot is a very important tool. I really believe in tapping into your own knowledge and power. Cats are so wise, you hear of cats sitting on hospital beds before people die. Cats are mysterious and wise creatures and we can learn so much from them.  I connect with black cats so personally that thinking about them in tarot has deepened my practice. I connect with these kitties and I hope others do too. There’s a special deck for every person. and theres a deck that is an occasional use Deck. I think this deck can be both. For some people I hope its their go to, for others I hope they at least find entertainment in the cards. Maybe they will really connect with a card and my imagery can connect them more deeply with that cards meaning.  It is a deep deck in the sense that symbolism is important for each card, but also its just pretty adorable in fun. Things can be multidimensional and purpose can be determined by the user.  I hope my deck makes people happy. Like a fat purring kitty on your lap 🙂

What have been your challenges in creating this deck?

Honestly its letting other people make me doubt myself. It can be hard to turn the criticism off from others, but you must learn to do this as a creator.  I put off this deck for almost a year because I was scared. When I first pitched the idea to people in my life, they told me not to do another kickstarter, not to do another cat deck and to wait until life calms down and I can find another non tarot project. I do have a lot going on. I am just starting back to school, moving, dealing with family drama etc. So yes adding a kickstarter on is alot. But my “too much” is a limiting belief others are putting on me. I am not too much. I am as much as I need to be. I LOVE Tarot. It’s something I connect with, I am not going to stop creating tarot decks. I love them. I don’t care if other people agree with me. I hope other artists make tons more deck and I hope to make more decks too, I want a future with lots of Tarot and lots of options! I set my kickstarter amount to the bare minimum because I wasn’t interested in making money, I was interested in bringing this project to life.  I tapped into my own magic and believed in a thing and did the thing. The second I started believing in myself the project was almost finished. We all have this magic and I hope people can buy this deck and tap into that magic too! The hard things make us grow. How we weather the storm tells us who we are. I believe in Tarot and I need to make sure I am believing in myself too.

Why did you choose black cats specifically rather than cats in general?

Oh great question! Ok so I started an LLC 3 years ago. I was talking to my mentor at the time and he told me I needed a name for my business that was loose, because I was offering: event planning, design and pilates, etc and I needed an umbrella term that I could mold to fit where my career path took me. He told me not to think inside of a box. I was going to call my business “Thea’s Event Planning”. He told me to go home and think about it, so I went home and I sat in my room and my black cat Boo came up to me and sat in my lap, as she does whenever she can. I wrote out hundred of names, starting with “Boo Works” (My cats name is Boo) And I decided to name my business Black Cat Consulting LLC, just generic enough that I can still teach pilates and sell tarot decks under one business name 🙂 Boo is my ever loving companion. I accidentally adopted her from animal humane. I went to look at the new facility they built here in Albuquerque and made the mistake of going into the Cat room. I had just been dumped and I was super sad. But I sat in that room and Boo marched right towards me and immediately showed me her belly and let me pick her up and it was love at first cuddle and I had to take her home. They were not sure if she was 4 or 5 and that was roughly 6 years ago. I am guessing she is 10. I adopted her on October 30th so I celebrate her birthday every year, she loves fish so i usually giver her a little tuna. She is my best friend. She has been with me thru major life changes, seven moves, several changes in careers, multiple breakups. She is always purring at my side. even right now shes sitting on my feet as cute as can be. I think it’s only fitting that my tarot deck is black cat tarot. PLUS I have already made a deck called cats in space tarot (which is way different, it has real cat pictures and pictures from NASA). Also There are some great cat decks out there. Weird cat Tarot is tons of fun. I wanted my deck to be different then those in terms of focus and art. I think theres plenty room for even more cat decks 🙂

How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published?

For Boo’s Birthday I made her a tuna cake, maybe we will do that again when the campaign ends! And video it for everyone! Or maybe Her and I can do a photoshoot, something really cheesy with a ball gown?!  I am seriously so happy about this whole experience, to a project I was discouraged from creating, to getting funded in 5 days; has been a roller coaster of emotions. I feel like the universe has thanked me for being my authentic self! I am truly honored that so many people have loved my idea and I cant wait to share more ideas with the world and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. It almost feels unreal. I am definitely going to celebrate with lots of love and light and send out so many positive vibes. I might even get some balloons! Boo loves Balloons!

My Black Cat Tarot Deck Available on Etsy now

I wanted to create a Tarot deck using two things I love. Who doesn’t love Cats? Who isn’t fascinated by Space?? After months of study and lots of cat drawings, I decided to use real cat pictures and REAL NASA photos for this tarot deck. There are other cat decks out there. But none like this one. This deck sets you off to take a journey through space. Each card pictures real photos from NASA with information on real space phenomena. All my sources are cited but the main source all comes back to There is a plethora of FREE fascinating knowledge available for you. I hope with this will deck to inspire you to look to the stars in wonder. I also hope you saw “AWE” a lot because these cats are so stinkin’ cute!

My name is Thea. I have always loved the night sky. I grew up just outside of Albuquerque far enough from the “Big City” to see most of the night sky, including the Milky Way. I got into tarot when I was a really young. I was instantly drawn to the pictures and colors. Growing up admiring painters like Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci. I wanted to paint cards like the ones my mom had. And I did! I created the Painted Tarot, currently available on Etsy! But after successfully completing that kickstarter, I realized that I wanted something a little big more in depth in terms of Astrology and Astronomy. So I created the Cats in Space Tarot Deck! It features pictures from Nasa to inspire wonder and the cutest cats!

In this deck the suits are represented as planets. I chose these planets based on their elements but also based on the photos and knowledge that NASA has, so I chose close planets. There may be more suited planets in this universe but we don’t have great photos or knowledge yet about all the cosmos. So I picked things close to home. Easy way to read the cards is when you draw a suit card think of it in terms of the following:

• NEPTUNE Cups (element = water): Emotions, creativity, intuition, relationships

• EARTH Pentacles (element = earth): Material wealth, money, career, manifestation

• MERCURY Swords (element = air): Communication, truth, intellect, thoughts

• MARS Wands (element = fire): Inspiration, energy, enthusiasm

Black Cats are already full of magic.

When you’ve had a long hard day and they come and sit in your lap and you INSTANTLY feel less stressed. When they Meow at you Good Morning ( Which could be translated to FEED ME NOW) When you pat their silky furr and they purr super loud. Or when they dash around the house for no reason at 2 am how do we know they aren’t fighting evil spirits?

Whatever quirky thing your black cat does, that’s what makes them special. This deck highlights the special and silly things about our favorite noir felines!

This deck is not bad luck. In fact this deck is super lucky! Black cats have long endured cruelty and horrible misconceptions due to myths and superstitions. There is no bad luck when these cuties cross your path. Black Cats make the best companion for your tarot readings because they are so elegant! Let’s start with the absolute outward beauty of the coat. Black cats look sophisticated. If the cat is kept healthy and fed excellent quality food, the black coat should be sleek, shiny and simply gorgeous. A black cat always looks as if they are ready for a formal night out on the town. In addition to the black cat’s elegance, they also look like a little panther gracefully roaming around. It’s as if you have a little piece of the wild in your home. A black cat walking or running through the house is the picture of grace, stealth, mystery and beauty. What better symbol to connect with tarot then the loyal black meow meow.

Tarot Readings: @BlackCatTarotbyThea

Updates on Art projects: @BlackCatArtbyThea

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Handmade in ABQ NM

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Tarot Readings: @BlackCatTarotbyThea

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36 Days to love yourself through movement

I designed a virtual course that’s part exercise program, part self help guide.

Every day features a workout and a journal prompt.

My journal prompts are intense.

What do you think about combining journaling and exercise?

Check out my virtual challenge on teachable!
This is literally a virtual course on Loving yourself!

Check out the course HERE:

This course gives you the tools to finally take control of your life, by learning to love yourself. Not all at once but every day diving a little deeper with a different journal topic and moving your body in a different way. You have the power to change cycles in your life and finally create the life you want. This course breaks it up for you.

Our limitations are in our heads – they are not fact.

Consult a doctor or a healthcare provider before starting an exercise program. Listen to your body. Stop if you feel sharp pain. 

Try to move your body if you can. 

Happy Monday my beautiful friends….


I have a new challenge launching this week!

21 days is still up and available. But that challenge is like: I have always wanted to work with a personal trainer but I don’t want to commit.

The 36 days to love yourself challenge is when you’re READY to commit to yourself!!

This challenge is 36 days, every day i1s a little bit of movement and a journal entry. This challenge will literally change your life!

I designed this challenge because I am so sick of people telling me how adverse to fitness they are because the toxic industry. Yes the industry is toxic, but you know what movement is vital to your health.

The reason health is this weaponized profit machine is because there is truth that exercise will make you healthier.

And a healthy body looks good. Its an evolutionary thing! But a healthy body isn’t super skinny, a healthy body isn’t lean and shredded. A healthy body feels good and is functional. 

A healthy body is free of pain and ready to move. In reality it doesn’t matter what a healthy body actually looks like. It doesn’t matter if healthy is 20 extra pounds, or whatever, but what does after is how YOU feel in your body. And thats why I wanted to make a challenge that focuses on the most important aspect of fitness we are not talking about. 

YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. How you feel about yourself is a bigger indicator about your health that what some number on the scale says.

You can find self love

Check out the course HERE:

with practice you can get better at self love
You do have time for movement, let me show you!

am now accepting new client requests for January!

Want to workout, but you don’t know where to start?

Does going to the gym feel like a chore?

Do you want to increase your mobility, flexibility and strength?

Booking a package with me means you’re investing in your health and future. I know we are all busy and you never have enough time, but I promise working out is going to FEEL good. You’ll get MORE energy and you will feel good.

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