Wellness Wednesdays

uthenticity means you are enough. It’s enough to be who you are to get what you want. What if, for the first time ever, you were real? What if you said what you wanted to say, did what you wanted to do, and didn’t apologize for it? What if you were assertive, forthcoming in your opinions or actions to stand for what is right for you? You didn’t let things get to you. You knew you had something special to offer. That’s where we all should be. So, answer me this: How are you, really? And know that no matter the answer, you should still be accepted. Bravery is in the understanding that you still may not be accepted for your truth. Bravery is knowing you matter even when others say that you do not. Bravery is believing in yourself when all evidence counters doing so (i.e. past failures or losses) Bravery is in being vulnerable while knowing vulnerability is a sign of strength. It’s taking control.

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