Why you should Try an virtual Mindset Fitness Course!

Why You Should Try an online course!

I have created a library of amazing virtual fitness and mindset courses and the number one question people ask me is how do I know if I am ready.

The thing about a good virtual course is you don’t have to be ready. I literally walk you through the steps and give you the tools so that you can start down a path towards a better mindset, a healthier body and give you actual tools to develop the habits you want.

Reasons you should start an online fitness course:

  1. You want direction and a plan

Often there is so much information out there, actually boiling it down to what is the useful info and what isn’t is the key to success. You cannot do everything and the task of sifting through information can be exhausting. That is why I have done that for you.  You don’t have to question if things will be effective or spend time putting together a plan. All my courses have a plan with check boxes and easy to follow step by steps.

  1. You want change but you are busy

 Virtual course breaks it all down for you so you don’t have to waste any time you can get straight to the point. 

  1. You get support through the process

You are not alone! Mindset can be overwhelming to change, that is why I am here! I am along with you for the journey so you can ask questions and get the guidance you need while things feel tough

  1. Because you are worth it

Signing up for a course you are investing in yourself and investing in your improvement! You are saying YES to yourself in the most ultimate way. My virtual courses allow you a way to grow and question self assumptions and really start to live your best life. 

Why does it feel scary to start something new?

Often we are fearful of failing, of looking stupid, of getting judgment from others. But guess what? We are going to get that anyway!

Or maybe we are scared of the success, if I get 1000 followers on YouTube, that many people will engage with me and what if they don;t like me?! Success can feel intimidating.

So we don’t start new things and we get stuck in our ways and unhappy with where we are at.

Growth requires change and it often requires trying new things.

Ready to invest in yourself with one of my comprehensive fitness courses?!

Have you been tired of the negativity? Do you feel like you need to shred some garbage from your life? I have the perfect 6 week course for you! It is called Winter shred and we spend 6 weeks, shredding all the BS from your life! From making a plan to journaling through your triggers, to spending some time organizing and cleaning your layer of reality. This course is perfect for renewing your sense of self and setting you up to have an awesome life! Start now!


Are you ready to make to 2023 your year? Are you ready to commit to yourself and creating amazing habits? I am launching my NEW YEAR, NEW YOU 90 day challenge! If you are ready to take control of your life. For the next 90 days, commit to a little bit of movement, journaling and focusing on yourself and creating a life you love. This program isn’t just fitness its a whole mindset shift! If you’re ready to commit to yourself Click here:


Totally new to fitness? Try this 21 Jump start that is EVERYTHING I give to new clients. All the info you need from how much to workout, to what the heck is a macro!? If you are on a budge but would like to start down a path towards fitness safely check out my 21 day plan, its EVERYTHING I give new clients, it has a workout plan, as well as PDFs filled with useful information, lots of fun printables to get you organized and 3 DETAILED lectures on getting into fitness, and living a more active lifestyle.

Get it here 


What some personalized and private advice? You can hire me as YOUR personal trainer!

You deserve a body that you feel good in.

You shouldn’t have to worry about pain or pulling your shoulder out.

Movement can be hard to find because of fear, disinterest and laziness.

I get it, motivation is hard to find most days.

But thats why you hire a personal trainer.

You make a commitment to yourself, most of my clients I see 2 or 3 times a week and for that half hour, or that hour. I am their motivation.

I design workouts to make your body feel good.

It’s not about pushing and doing the hardest workout.

It’s about connecting and moving with your body.

And you can do this at home with no equipment, just a screen and me.

Look I get it, there are a lot of BAD personal trainers out there.

I am not a newbie or someone desperate for clients. I genuinely want to help YOU feel good.

But if your not ready to start, keep scrolling.

If you are ready but you don’t know how to start, lets try one session.

Even if you have had bad experiences with trainers before, I want you to know I am different.

I am like a brainy carebear.

I pride myself in providing valuable and knowledgeable fitness information.

I want you to FEEL good in your body, not chase fad diets. This isn’t quick results.

This is manifesting lifelong changes that promote your HEALTH, and make you LIVE LONGER.

It’s literally proved with science. Movement is health.

Health is complicated and it looks different on everyone.

I am not a NO PAIN NO GAIN trainer. Actually if a movement hurts you, we aren’t going to do that movement.

I want to show you how to move in your current range of motion in a safe way.

That doesn’t mean I am not going to push you. Make you stronger and push your limits.

We can crush all your goals this year.

Every body is different. Yours is so unique, you don’t need some cookie cutter workout copy and pasted off the internet.

You need a workout designed for how YOU move.

This is where I come in.

I am going to create exercises for your to sleep better, feel better and have more energy.

Whether your fear is from past injury, a bad gym experience or just fear.

Don’t worry the care bear is here.

I can help.

If I don’t know something I find out, I have read hundreds of published scientific journal articles in Physical therapy and movement to make sure I have the best most up to date information for my clients.

Want a virtual personal trainer that cares about you?

This is your sign to start.

Limited time I have 3 spots open! Want to become my client? Apply now!


Never Miss a Monday – Introducing my Brand New Course! Winter Shred!

Winter Shred is a 6 week challenge that will literally change how you think.

Are you tired of starting fitness challenges and never finishing them?

Are you tired of your same old habits and patterns.

What if I gave you the TOOLS right now, to step by step address the hard stuff and start to change your life for REAL.

The Winter Shred is about finding movement, but it also about that mental component. Every week I give you worksheets to work through the stuff.

Yes you will have to ask yourself hard questions.

Yes you will have to address patterns that are no longer working for you.

But you will have support through out the challenge, encouraging growth, encouraging change. Where you can really focus on getting to know yourself and REWIRING your brain to manifest the life of your dreams.

Enroll NOW


Here is an outline of the course

This Course Includes:

6 Week – Winter Shred Course – Shed the bad, make room for the good!

Week One: Where are you now?

  • Baseline Assessment – What do you want more of, what do you need to change
  • What captures the most of your energy? PDF
  • Exercise One – Be Present:
  • Exercise Two –  Breaking down your Time
  • Workout Pilates For Anxiety
  • Workout: Feel Good Pilates
  • Workout: Fat Burning Pilates

Week Two: Identifying where you need change.

Week Three: Assessing your current environment

  • A Clean House
  • Cleaning printables – calendar,
  • 31 Day cleaning Challenge
  • Exercise Three: How to self Sooth
  • Workout: Winter Shred 1
  • Workout:  flexibility Hips

Week Four: Where do you want to be?

  • Goal Setting Workbook
  • Exercise Four: Set your Goals up for success
  • Workout: Winter Shred 2
  • Workout: Splits
  • Workout: Weights 1

Week Five: Implementing Change

  • How to deal with the piles you are avoiding
  • Exercise Five: Breath Exercises – getting into what we avoid
  • Workout: Winter Shred 3
  • Workout: Mermaid and hip flexors
  • Workout: Weights 2

Week Six: Learning the lessons to carry new patterns forward

  • Forgiving yourself and Letting Go
  • Exercise Six: Finding Forgiveness
  • Exercise Seven Creating a habit to let go
  • Exercise Eight: Shred Inventory
  • Workout: Winter Shred Bonus
  • Workout: Weights 3
  • Workout: Flexibility Challenge

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36 Days to love yourself through movement

I designed a virtual course that’s part exercise program, part self help guide.

Every day features a workout and a journal prompt.

My journal prompts are intense.

What do you think about combining journaling and exercise?

Check out my virtual challenge on teachable!
This is literally a virtual course on Loving yourself!

Check out the course HERE:


This course gives you the tools to finally take control of your life, by learning to love yourself. Not all at once but every day diving a little deeper with a different journal topic and moving your body in a different way. You have the power to change cycles in your life and finally create the life you want. This course breaks it up for you.

Our limitations are in our heads – they are not fact.

Consult a doctor or a healthcare provider before starting an exercise program. Listen to your body. Stop if you feel sharp pain. 

Try to move your body if you can. 


Happy Monday my beautiful friends….


I have a new challenge launching this week!

21 days is still up and available. But that challenge is like: I have always wanted to work with a personal trainer but I don’t want to commit.

The 36 days to love yourself challenge is when you’re READY to commit to yourself!!

This challenge is 36 days, every day i1s a little bit of movement and a journal entry. This challenge will literally change your life!


I designed this challenge because I am so sick of people telling me how adverse to fitness they are because the toxic industry. Yes the industry is toxic, but you know what movement is vital to your health.

The reason health is this weaponized profit machine is because there is truth that exercise will make you healthier.

And a healthy body looks good. Its an evolutionary thing! But a healthy body isn’t super skinny, a healthy body isn’t lean and shredded. A healthy body feels good and is functional. 

A healthy body is free of pain and ready to move. In reality it doesn’t matter what a healthy body actually looks like. It doesn’t matter if healthy is 20 extra pounds, or whatever, but what does after is how YOU feel in your body. And thats why I wanted to make a challenge that focuses on the most important aspect of fitness we are not talking about. 

YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. How you feel about yourself is a bigger indicator about your health that what some number on the scale says.

You can find self love

Check out the course HERE:


with practice you can get better at self love
You do have time for movement, let me show you!

am now accepting new client requests for January!

Want to workout, but you don’t know where to start?

Does going to the gym feel like a chore?

Do you want to increase your mobility, flexibility and strength?

Booking a package with me means you’re investing in your health and future. I know we are all busy and you never have enough time, but I promise working out is going to FEEL good. You’ll get MORE energy and you will feel good.

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Check out my Online Courses: fitness-by-thea.teachable.com