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Episode12 How do you see yourself? Where you self sabotaging your HEALTH -learning to love your body- Personal Reflection of how it’s “hard” to be a woman and have a body

Amy and Thea Reflect on the fun interview from last week. We dive deeper into our self of how we look and how we feel. Amy and Thea share intimately their own personal struggles with their bodies. We get real personal and talk in depth about our personal experience with weight.

IF weight talk triggers you, relisten to last weeks episode first!

How to better FLEX through life, with your hosts Amy V. and Thea M. We’re going to talk about how Mental Health and Fitness intersect, we give you the tricks to better flex through everything to help you create the life you want.  Amy is a Therapist, an expert in trauma with lots of personal experiences in Fitness. Thea is a Personal trainer, an expert in the Fitness world with lots of personal experiences with trauma. We’ll provide helpful lessons to better love yourself, overcome trauma and help you find the best version of you.  We’re 2 friends having a conversation and interviewing REALLY great people and sharing our reasons you should move your body to help get your mind right.

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Amy and I on our last trip to Vegas

12 How do you see yourself? Where you self sabotaging your HEALTH -learning to love your body- Personal Reflection of how it’s “hard” to be a woman and have a body

Listen Here


She has great resources to combat anti fat:

Anti-obesity campaigns are so common and normalized these days that some readers might consider our claim as the outrageous one. Yet, consider this: stigmatizing and imposing shame on bodies, whether individually or as a group of people, is hurtful both to the vilified fat people and to the thinner people who are taught size prejudice and instilled with a fear of becoming fat. (“Fat” is used here as a descriptive term stripped of pejorative connotations, reclaimed by a growing fat acceptance movement.)

When the culture and the medical world are constantly pushing the idea that “obesity” needs to be eliminated, it’s not the fat cells that are feeling that stigma—it’s the fat people. This hierarchy of bodies is nothing new, with roots in racism, slavery and every other attempt to rank bodiesWe can no longer pretend that being less likely to be hired or get promotionsbeing paid lessreceiving biased medical treatmentbeing socially excluded and bullied are attempts to help people “be healthier.” These are the direct consequences of living in a culture that vilifies and fears fat bodies and that treats the people living in them as morally lesser beings.

You can start with challenging diet culture, but you can’t STOP there. Unless you get to the root of society’s body and beauty standards, you’re only dealing with the surface layer of the problem. And these roots run deep.

THIS is why listening to and centering the most marginalized voices matters. Because if you embrace a nondiet approach to food and your body and then move on to “live your life”, you have a luxury that those marginalized voices don’t.

Body love doesn’t solve the ingrained bias and oppression that drives unrealistic body & beauty standards in the first place. That takes more than individual development. It takes participating in systemic action and change. It takes advocating against systemic oppression.

So if you’re working on your personal relationship to your body image and food, keep it up! Just don’t stop there.