I got Covid….

On todays Wellness Wednesday, Lets talk about being sick…..
Some of my recent paintings….

I don’t know where…. was it the packed Zumba classes I have been attending? Was it the ABBA cover band concert? Was it the big party I had at my house? Was it my friend visiting from out of town?

I got the phizer vaccine and I have one booster. I havent had covid yet. And every time I got the vaccine I got very very sick. Thinking back to the vaccines, they werent as bad as this past week.

Now full disclaimer, I don’t want any people posting covid is a scam BS. I do not think it is a scam. I think illness hits everyone differently. I think if vaccines had been more popular this paricular starin of virus may have never mutated. I had someone post on my instagram that I was in better shape then them, they dont have the vaccine and it wasnt as bad for them. What the heck. Every body is different. I am not critical risk or anything but I do know I can get really sick. I have been hospitalized with the flu. I am a small female who probably doesn’t get enough sleep, and I am very healthy and robust and i rarely get sick. Maybe once every couple of years. But when I do get sick, I get SICK. That’s just me and my body. not to say this will be everyone’s experience. I just wanted to share mine.

I don’t know if it started here but the first symptom I can remember was a headache. I am singing along to the ABBAquerque cover band and my head started throbbing. I had a headache Saturday night, I pretty awful headache but I just tried to ignore it.

I didn’t think I had covid at this point

Sunday I had a scratchy throat but I had assumed it was allergies or smoking weed. WE recorded a podcast episode and then crashed my Boyfriends back yard party and shared drinks with people and then my friend came and said hi, she was visiting from california. I was a little drunk and went to bed very late after drunkly running 4 miles.

Monday was the holiday, I got up at 7 am and did a TON of cardio. My bestie and I attended a Body combat class, that was like a release party, so three instructors taught it. It was awesome. I got SO sweaty and like 8,000 steps. Then we hauled ass across town and we took an hour and half long Zumba Class. That was epic! It was all red white and blue for the fourth and it was packed. So much energy, so much fun dancing.

Then I went home and I was like I will take a nap because I didn’t sleep well last night. And honestly felt so out of it, I canceled my clients for the evening. and stayed in bed. I didn’t feel well. I thought it was the lack of sleep and excessive cardio.

Tuesday, I couldn’t get out of bed. No joke. I felt so sickly and awful. I had the WORST headache and I had zero appetite. I had a slight dry cough but no mucus and I was convinced I just had a little cold and I was being a baby. I also had chills and shakes and EVERYTHINGHURT. I thought I was sore from all the exercise. I took a bath to try to help and I was just so miserable, barely left my room.

Wednesday I felt slightly better, the headache was gone and I managed to get some soup and medicine down. I had crazy brain fog and I was very low energy. I was still wanting to go on a trip with my bestie to Arizona so I was feeling hopeful.

But then I took a covid test and…. it was positive.

Welp no more trip.

I had horrible brain fog Wednesday, super weak, low energy but I felt so much better cause the headache was gone. then I started to get a pressure on my chest. It made sleeping at night hard.

Thursday I loaded up on cold medicine and just rested. I painted a little bit and watched netflix, I wasnt really up to doing anything. Food no longer had taste. I tried to eat a backed potato and it tasted like mucus. everything tasted like mucus. I had no interest in eating. The cold medicine helped me finally sleep thru the night.

Friday- The fever was mostly gone but I was so tired and weak feeling. The lack of taste was so weird, could still slightly smell. I ate some super flavorful asian food and loaded up the spice and I could barely taste any of it, but eating made me feel SO much better. The pressure on my chest made me feel kinda weak.

Saturday I went for a walk and that was nice, I started to get a raspy cough that sounds awful. and the chest pressure was gone but coughing started to hurt.

Sunday I was a real potato today. Sat in bed, did a little math homework. Kinda pathetic. I went for a run, it felt great. I still feel slightly ackey, probably from laying around for a week. I did not take any medicine today.

Monday I am way better today but I have a cough and I am still quarantining away from my family which is hard. I did some Pilates and filmed some YouTube videos which made me feel way better. But then I had trouble sleeping at night because of my cough. Did not take any medicine.

Tuesday I slept in because I had so much trouble sleeping. I feel a little lethargic and kinda sad. I haven’t given my boyfriend a hug or a kiss since my positive test and I am a really affectionate person so I think that has been hard for me. We have a wall of pillows between us on the bed. I wear a mask around him and our roommate. I really want some hugs and kisses. It feels SO isolating like early covid.

Wednesday I took some drowsy cold medicine fairly early last night and got a great night sleep feeling way better, still have a cough. but its better….

Have you managed to avoid covid? Are you getting hit with this super popular strain?

My best friend and my boyfriend are both still testing negative.

My bestie has the second booster, but shes been with me at all these events. I am glad she hasnt gotten it and I really wouldnt wish this on anyone.

If this is a less lethal strain and I have some protection with the vaccine I cant imagine how hard covid would have hit me if I got it earlier in the pandemic. I had a client who was bedridden for a month, but then again I know people who go it recently and they didnt feel good for like one or two days.

It can feel a little random. Anyway.

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