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our new episode drops today!

We reflect on our interviews from the last couple of weeks.

How can you show up for yourself today?

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Amy and Thea spend this week reflecting on our last two AMAZING interviews.

 Amy gives two metaphors that will change your life. This conversation changed so many things for me personally. We say again and again on this podcast that the words we use build the house we live in. Its crazy how true this is.

How to better FLEX through life, with your hosts Amy V. and Thea M. We’re going to talk about how Mental Health and Fitness intersect, we give you the tricks to better flex through everything to help you create the life you want.  Amy is a Therapist, an expert in trauma with lots of personal experiences in Fitness. Thea is a Personal trainer, an expert in the Fitness world with lots of personal experiences with trauma. We’ll provide helpful lessons to better love yourself, overcome trauma and help you find the best version of you.  We’re 2 friends having a conversation and interviewing REALLY great people and sharing our reasons you should move your body to help get your mind right.

What have you learned from our conversations?

What other interviews would you like to hear?

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Listen to our new episode here: