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08 WHY it’s difficult to OVERCOME injury- Doctors of Naprapathy Explain the Mind Body Connection – Letting go of perfectionism and trying your best – A Licensed Therapist and a Personal Trainer interview some doctors and discuss the pyramid of Mental and Physical Health

Injury from the Professional Lens!

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We sat down with Dr. Alicia Martinez and Dr. Kathleen Esquibel to discuss Injury from a professional standpoint. We discussed their recommendations for healing and coping thru injury. Also, how people deal with injury as well as how we can help others heal through their injury. We address head on the need for a mind body connection, being real with our expectations of ourselves, and acknowledge the importance of rest. This interview is jam packed with tips and tricks to make the most out your body. 

Amy and I want to remind you that you should always seek advice from your doctor or physician before starting any sort of exercise “thing”, we promote movement through injuries throughout this episode. Injury can be a really difficult setback in our pursuit of fitness. We want you to know that you are not alone. We hope to empower you to get in tune with your own body, so you can understand your pain levels and always seek advice from professionals when there is risk of reinjury. 

Dr. Alicia Martinez DN, PTA, LMT Director Of Orthopaedic Rehabilitation/Certified Ortho-Therapist

Dr. Kathleen Esquibel DN Certified Ortho-Therapist

Welcome to Flex! A podcast about gaining flexibility through every part of your life. As Amy and I were developing this episode, we had SO MANY ideas!  Lots of ideas of possible interviews and approaches for the topic.  Ultimately, some things that we wanted to do didn’t pan out, but it led us down a path where we have constructed what will be a 3-episode block on multiple vantage points of injury.  We are starting with a medical perspective, but in the next few episodes we get a deeply personal insight of the experience of injury as well as how our discussion isn’t really just applicable to injury, but also illness.

Today, we are sitting down with two BAD ASS doctors, Alicia and Kathleen! Our conversation is intense and we hope these two amazing women completely inspire you as you are navigating your fitness/recovery journey, whatever that looks like.  Dr. Alicia Martinez is a DN, doctor of Naprapathy, Physical Therapy Assistant and a licenced massage therapist. Dr. Kathleen Esquibel is a DN, Doctor of Naprapathy,and a certified Ortho Therapist. 

So what is a Doctor of Naprapathy?!

Naprapathy is defined as a system of treatment by manipulation of connective tissue and adjoining structures and by dietary measures that is held to facilitate the recuperative and regenerative processes of the body. So, It’s sort of like a chiropractor but heavily focused on the mind body connection throughout the whole body, not just skeletal structure and alignment.  

They help people thru injury, they have personally experienced injury and the give us all the tips and tricks to getting past injury and moving forward. As part of the discussion in this episode, Dr. Alicia is one of Amy’s providers. I think it is REALLY important to mention (even though we made a similar disclaimer above…) that, regardless of what the current state of our health/fitness is, we incorporate check-ins with medical providers at appropriate intervals to ensure we are pursuing health and fitness in such a way that it doesn’t become a risk to our health and wellbeing. Pursuing good health and fitness should make us feel good, right? 

Let’s use Amy as the example… she has a primary care doc that she sees every couple of years or so for routine “stuff”, her GYN that she sees yearly for annual women’s health visits, her bariatric team which includes a PA and a nutritionist that she sees on an annual post-op basis, a hematologist to address a recent diagnosis of anemia (we will dive deeper in future episodes, STAY TUNED), and a GI specialist- also needed for the anemia issue, and of course Dr. Alicia for issues around injury as they come up (sometimes she’s there every week!).

This may seem like a lot.  And often times, especially in periods where new things pop up it’s easy to think that “there’s not enough time” or “not enough money” to invest in these appointments (or anything else with relation to health/fitness that requires time or money).  So Amy and I want to remind you that these aspects of time and money, as they relate to health and fitness, are not a cost… they are an investment in your health.  YOU deserve to be healthy and feel good in your body!! It is our goal to have that mindset counter the idea that we will “tough it out” in an effort to avoid a cost.  That mindset and approach has a MUCH higher cost in the long term.  Usually the biggest cost comes in the form of a disconnect in the mind-body connection, because we are in denial about our pain/discomfort.

I love how our discussion, intended to be focused on injury and the process of recovery naturally fell into the realm of our mind-body connection!  I think that our discussion with Dr. Alicia and Dr. Kathleen really demonstrated how fluid that connection really is.  It showed itself in their definitions of “good health” when they talked about healthy relationships!  (I can’t tell you how much Amy and I LOVE the fact that healthy relationships came a defining characteristic of good health from medical professionals!) It came out in the episode when we talked about the mindset for training.  Presented itself when we talked about medical providers who tell us what our bodies can/can’t do.  And it comes through when we talk about our need for rest.

The mind-body connection is ESSENTIAL in being able to effectively listen to your body.  I think that is an important distinction to make here is that what Amy and I want for you is for you to foster your mind-body connection and use that data to make appropriate choices for your physical and mental health and wellbeing.  What we DON’T want… is for you to ignore the advice of your providers because it’s not what you want to hear, and risk greater injury.  You are the expert on your body.  You live in it 24/7!  And while doctors are medically trained, they have ZERO understanding of YOUR experience of YOUR body.  Let your mind-body connection serve you as an advocate to your providers.  And find providers that you are comfortable with, who listen when you are describing your experience, and can talk with you, realistically, about how to best move about whatever your current situation is towards your goal.  Amy says that we should insist that we be collaborative with our providers around our care.

Another piece of this, which we touch on briefly around Amy’s 4-day post-op 5k, is modification.  Amy’s modification was walking the inclines…  Modifications in a workout… are a struggle all their own.  Amy and I have each attended classes where people REFUSE to modify, despite an injury, for many reasons.  Sometimes it’s because “people are watching” and there’s a want to be perceived as strong.  Sometimes it’s “I can do it, it just doesn’t feel good.”  Whatever the justification is, the underlying theme seems to be that our ego wins out over the mind-body connection.  Ego-driven decision-making rarely yields positive outcomes… so says the therapist.  

This discussion with Dr. Alicia and Dr. Kathleen has been profoundly insightful in my work as a personal trainer as well as to Amy in her therapy work.  It has also allowed us to take a deeper look inward into our own personal journeys around health and fitness, and take inventory and make some necessary changes.  It’s also helped to know that our experience of being limited by and injury or an illness, isn’t unique.  The discomfort of that limitation is extremely common, and there’s comfort in knowing that we’re not alone.  There’s also comfort in knowing that there are good providers who truly want success for us, as their patients, not just the ones who want to be the expert in the room.  So if you are in the 505… we have done some resourcing for you!  Below you will find the website for Elite, where Alicia and Kathleen practice.  

HUGE thanks to Alicia and Kathleen for lending their time and expertise to FLEX!! 


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