Tarot Tuesday

So last Week I got into it with ya’ll about STRESS Because that’s how money makes me feel and this week… I am DEALING with money. OUCHHH I know.

I could be better with money and I know this. And I start to get in my “shoulds”. Rather than taking a deep breath. Writing out the money I need to pay this week. My projected expenses next week and my expected income.

Because here is the thing. I am completely self employed. I quit the gym and got a membership. I train people virtually and I run an Etsy shop. I have decided to quit the gym so I can focus on my buisness and my only courses and content creation. Which has been incredible. I feel so fortunate for this opportunity, but I also feel guilty. I feel the shoulds. I have been “fully self emplued” for 2 weeks. and I feel I have nothing to show for it.

But here’s the thing, SUCCESS ISNT INSTANT IT IS EARNED. So I am not actually stressed about money, I am terrified in believing in myself. I feel those around me feelings of envy and jealous and as an empath I get pulled into that feeling of : I can’t do it. I am not good enough. I won’t make it.

But It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of me. What matters is I believe in myself.

I bleieve in the work that I do and I keep giving out joy and love.

Today I wanted to do a Money spell with you because they are all over tiktok and I think They are all so cute. I am going to put out a money spell to everyone reading this and maybe you will want to try your own money spell and put back out that energy to.

Success is for everyone. The world is completely abundant. There is more than enough for everyone.

The lie of capitalism is that if someone else succeeds they are taking from you…. but actually they are cultivating abundance that could also be yours. The universe is so full of abundance and love. don’t be pulled down the shadow of haves and have nots. We all already have.

Lets share. Let’s care. Let’s be kind. Let’s believe in each other magic. And Believe in our own magic!

Things you need:

  • Tarot deck
  • Plant
  • cash
  • candle

First – take Ace of Pentacles, The Sun and Six of Wands out of your deck.

Second – arrange an alter with your three cards, a living plant and physical currency in front of you.

Third – ground your feet into the ground and take ten deep breathes.

Fourth – light the candle and blow it out

Grounding your feet into the ground and taking full deep breaths. Reflect on the cards in front of you. How can they relate into your life? The positive bountiful thoughts. Belive abundance is real in this moment.

The cards in front of you. Think thru them:

The Ace of pentacles is such an exciting card. this is the card of new opportunities. This card is the promotion card. The new Job offer Card. Pentacles are about wealth and family, but they are also about abundance. Aces are about the NEW.

Ace of Pentacles – As with all Aces, the Ace of Pentacles signifies a new opportunity. Expect a new job, a pay rise, a financial gift or a new investment opportunity.

Six of Wands – In a financial reading, the Six of Wands can signify a cash prize or reward will be won as a result of your hard work and effort.

The Sun radiates with positivity and abundance, so when this card appears in a financial reading, it suggests positive outcomes such as high-earning investments or increased savings.

The prosperity spell is a fun and effective spell; enjoy making it your own and letting it be a visual reminder of the abundance coming your way.

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