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Welcome to Thea Burque! Wednesdays are all about wellness! This week we have a new podcast release! We got to do our FIRST interview and it was incredible. But this week…..


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HELLO BLOGVERSE!!  It’s Amy here and I am hijacking Thea’s blog (with all her love and support, of course) to talk about our most recent Flex episode!  I am so, so, so excited for this episode for sooooo many reasons!  First, we are doing our first interview!!! Second, that interview is with the most amazing, awesome, and wonderful superhuman, Nathania Stambouli!!!  Disclaimer… I’m a total fangirl!

Nathania, Stambouli, founder and creator of Yogi Flight School and SoulTribe Adventures is a 500 E-RYT Yoga Teacher and Transformational Coach. She teaches people from around the world how to defy their perceived limitations and fly – on their hands and in their lives. She is a cat lady, lover of iced coffee and lives to lead people towards the most free and expressed version of who they are.

Thea and I have been talking about this podcast, in its planning stages for a long time.  Through our many discussions the evolution of what this would look like has changed and shifted.  One that that has remained consistent is that I wanted to bring Nat in on whatever discussion we are having.  I knew from deep down in my gut that whatever the discussion was, she would absolutely bring so much to the conversation… and she did not disappoint! 

Nathania makes Yogi Flight School the success that it is.

Bringing Nat in to speak on the topic of readiness is really her own creation.  There was something serendipitous with moving this project from planning into action and feeling my own pull out of my comfort zone.  Am I ready for this?  Am I ready for people to hear my opinion? In my own voice?  These were my big scary questions.  The serendipitous part was this pull came at time when I signed up for Nat’s YOUR FUCK YES LIFE mindset training.  The things we covered in that group tapped on shit that I didn’t even know that I had.  It called my avoidance to the carpet.  Since Nat’s training took me on the behind-the-scenes tour of how I stand in my own way, it only makes sense to have her speak on readiness.

Nat is such a unique soul and person to be around because of her ways of being.  In all my interactions with her, she has an astounding insight to compassionately help you call yourself out while also building confidence in the most authentic package.  Plus, I also think she’s magic!  I had poses in my Yogi Flight School practice that rooted a seed of fear or insecurity.  Before the second retreat, I set the goal of getting this pose, pincha, on the retreat.  On the retreat, I told Nat my goal and asked her to tell me that I was ready.  Not having assessed the pose or giving me any tips, she looked me square in the eye, told me I was ready and to go get it.  And within the workshop, it happened!  She truly has this way of holding you up with belief and love.  Which ultimately, is the recipe for weeding out the fear and insecurity.  If Nat isn’t the person in your life that, I hope you have someone who does that for you.  And I think Nat even says this when she says, “Find the people that build you up.”  And her point of flexing with trust.  To live a deeply profound and meaningful experience, on or off the yoga mat, will come with doing these things with people that you trust and build you up.

Yogi Flight School Greece Retreat

Another amazing piece of the Nat magic is her willingness to show up so authentically.  In all the intersections with her, you truly get her.  Before I got to meet her, in real life, on retreat I felt like I got to know her through workshops and even recordings.  If you sign up for Yogi Flight School, you get to see her do these superhuman things AND also talk about being tired or tight or things that aren’t currently in her practice.  It is so refreshing to hear someone that I hold in such high regard talk about being human.  There’s really not enough of that in the world.  Nat held up a mirror for me with this, in a BIG way.  I can do this thing and I don’t have to be automatically good at it, I don’t have to be perfect at it, and I can be depleted by it. And it’s not a character flaw or something that needs to be fixed.  It just is. And we keep working.  I, in my heart of hearts, believe that this piece that she has helped me cultivate for myself, allowed me to be willing to be player in this project of the podcast. 

Nat and Amy looking like yogi goddesses!

The journey of getting ready for this project has confronted me with things that I wasn’t even aware of.  At the onset of this project- who am I kidding?- for the duration of this project I am consistently working on being comfortable with hearing myself.  This idea of operating from a place of opinion and personal experience has tapped a nerve for me.  Do people care what I have to say?  Does it add value? The spiral goes on.  I use my therapy tools to show up and talk.  Thea gives me a pep talk before every recording to be friends with the microphone.  Even though this is episode 5, by the time we release we have somewhere close to 10 in the queue, and Thea still has to tell me about the extra work in sound editing to make me louder.  Being willing to allow myself to be heard still terrifies me.  It presents me with the opportunity to get the feedback that nobody cares what I have to say.  But I have to remember, if I don’t do it I steal the opportunity to get the feedback that people do want to hear what I have to say away from myself. I need the reminder, but what if you fly?  I’m a work in progress.

Amy being grinded on by Nat?

So, thinking about our authentic feelings of fear or avoidance is really what guided us to create this episode.  We had the question, how do people with these limiting beliefs or fears move past them to make change in their lives?  What makes someone ready?  Nat’s answer, “it’s a choice.”  We have to choose to be ready.  We have to make an active choice to be uncomfortable and step outside the comfort zone to achieve whatever the desired outcome is.  She talks about trust here too.  Trusting your gut.  Trust yourself.  Trust that “failure is a step in the right direction.”  There’s some deep needs for trust when we incorporate the possibility of failure.  This is where Yogi Flight School has taught me SOOOO much… it has taught me how fall on my face.  AND more importantly, to be okay with it because it’s part of the process.  I’m going to say that again. YFS has taught me how to be okay with falling on my face because it’s part of the process.  I have, personally, grown so much from leaning into the failure and letting it be a thing that teaches me and helps me move forward.

Amy FLYING in Greece

What do you want? This is where this episode brings everything together.  Do you trust yourself?  Do you have people in your life to support you while you evacuate the comfort zone?  Are we communicating effectively? Are you capable of falling on your face, and dusting yourself off to try again?  WHAT’S IN THE GAP? In other words, what are the things that are missing from you having the thing you want right now?  Are you being honest with yourself about the answer to that question?  Are you following your passion?  Are you following your fear?  Have you reached the “Oh, Shit! Point”?

What happens when you say “Fuck it” and let go? Because what if you fly?!



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