Why do we feel so shameful in our bodies?

Recently talking with my roommate about my podcast, FLEX, she brought up that she felt I was expressing shame about my body. We were discussing a theme idea for episode two and I was discussing Plastic Surgery and the Trans community. And How I personally feel that if you aren’t happy in your skin, and you have the opportunity to change something and want to then you should do it. I want to support the Trans Community but also at the same type I felt real uncomfortable about myself getting plastic surgery. Why am I PRO plastic Surgery but also ANTI it at the same time? How can I be such a contradiction?

Thinking about this hurts my head. I like the stuff that hurts my head which is why I started this podcast. But it also got my swimming in my own shoes because I am a pillar of genuineness. I feel personally that if I am genuine, and I am kind, nothing could go wrong. I created my coaching business because I genuinely want to help people. If I created high quality content, that can really help people, and if I am genuine about it, I will be successful. The end. But this nothing that my indescrepencies make me less genuine were not sitting with me so I wanted to blog about them.

I wish there was a way I could show people how much movement could really help them. That is why I created my 21 day jump start course. It is not HARD to get into fitness. You just have to be willing to try. I want to open that door for as many people as possible, but I also realize its hard to come out of that feeling of shame. And maybe I hadn’t really shared more with the world what I am trying to do. I think explaining our whys and examining our perspective is extremely helpful in confronting “shame.”

Whether its our own harsh judgment our how we think we look. Whether its shame for not doing something sooner? Maybe shame for being in shape before, or never having gotten into shape. Maybe it is shame fore “letting yourself go”? Maybe there is shame because we THINK we SHOULD look a certain way? Why do have this shame in our bodies? Why do we compare our bodies with other bodies? Why do we feel shameful of how we look, or what we eat?

All of these things I address upfront in my course: 21 Day Jump Start.

When I first became a personal trainer, I literally lost friends because I invited people to workout with me because they took it as insult or a judgment. Or they took it as an insult or a way I was trying to compete. We all write our own narrative and come at things in our own way. But I so believe in the power and the magic of movement that I honestly want to share it with every one. It is not a judgment. To me its a celebration and a privilege.

Talking to my roommate today, she called out my “pretty girl privilege” She spoke as if it was truth about the unwelcomeness of a gym. She stated how no one feels good at the gym, and it did set me back slightly. It is something I forget and something that its good she called me out for. I feel so welcome at the gym, I feel so great about moveming my body and moving my body with others that, my main goal as a personal trainer when I worked in a physical gym was to make people feel comfortable and confident in the gym. You pay for a membership, you are apart of that gym, it becomes YOURS. And that’s my message and my philosophy. But that’s not everyone’s and it can feel cold and uninviting.

But I want to tell you that’s not a reason to avoid fitness, That’s a reason to work with someone like me. If the gym scares you. If fitness makes you feel nervous or shameful, I WANT to be your trainer. You deserve GOOD movement in your body and you deserve to feel INVITED to move it.

I came to fitness in a DARK part of my life. I had gone thru a major break up. I thought the love of my life dumped me and that I wasn’t good enough for any man. I had been working a desk job and eating lots of junk food, and I was drinking my feelings. But fitness found me and cradled me like a little baby and nursed me into this beautiful life I have created. Fitness has given me so much.

That’s why I created the 21 day jumpstart, to show people how easy it is to add movement into your life, but also how even small amounts of movement add up to big impacts.

When I first started going to the gym, I had no idea what I was doing. I just took fitness classes. And the instructors made me feel loved, and valuable. I want to show you how valuable and loved YOU are.

It is my passion to help others. You don’t need a fancy gym. You don’t even need my deep course. You can do anything you set your mind to. If you want some help and a motivation nudge, try out my 21 Day jumpstart. Maybe get started in fitness by taking a 5 minuet walk every day. Maybe listen to my podcast and walk thru the Bosque. Whatever the thing is, add a little movement to your life. And when you have time add a little more. Schedule movement with friends.

The thing is you sort of just have to get started. Stop thinking about it and be about it. I think once we look head on at the things we are avoiding, those things causing us shame we can begin to heal. I live a little in imposture syndrome, but I have also seen growth in my clients that is so incredibly mind blowing, that it’s humbling not to try to share that with more people. I have had clients find range of motion back they haven’t had in years. I have had clients tell me I fixed their sleep issues. Clients who no longer need pre diabetes medication. All by adding a little movement.

It breaks my heart to hear how unwelcome to fitness my room mate feels. It breaks my heart that there are people out there right now who could benefit from movement but don’t know how or where to start or maybe feel some sort of shame. We all feel shame. We will always feel shame but sometimes getting over it is getting through it.

You cant progress unless you start. You cant take the shame out of your body till you face it. When was the last time you actually looked in the mirror. I personally avoid my reflection. Almost scared of my face. It frightens me being good enough. You know I am learning and its often easier to teach, but finding self love was the thing that turned my life around and while body acceptance is a daily battle I am fighting, I am happy to say I am trying. I’d like to help you try. You don’t have to do it alone, let me know if you’re ready to jump….

Check out my Podcast: https://flexpodcast.buzzsprout.com

Check out my 21 Day Course: https://fitness-by-thea.teachable.com/p/21-day-fitness-jumpstart