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Every other Wednesday we are going to start dissecting my 50 concepts to find self love. You can get this oracle deck on my Etsy HERE.

Today I wanna talk about the card that I am on.

Why is it often so hard to give ourselves recognition? Why do I personally shy away from celebrating my success? Do you do this? Bellow is card #50 from my Oracle Deck I hope it helps you today….

50. You are the Only One of You

Believe in your own magic. 

Affirmation: My worth is immeasurable.

Song: Dancing my way by Wyn Starks

The real magic in all of this is you. Yes, you. That’s right: you are a mysterious one of a kind creature that the world is blessed to have. You are more than enough right now. You right now are completely perfect. You are an inescapable beauty that the world has never before known.

I am not trying to make you conceited, I am actually trying to humble you. See, that is the point: you are wonderful and unique and that is a gift. These are precious gifts you should not waste.

Understanding how amazing you are, starts with actually believing in your worth. You have to truly accept that you are enough. Because this does not mean that you have been measured and considered and judged, and that you have finally earned the label of “enough.” It doesn’t mean that you’ve worked long enough, tried hard enough, presented well enough. It’s simply who you are. The you that you are is enough.

Be that beautiful person right now. You don’t need to do anything to be worthy. You don’t have to be more, or do more, or buy more to be who you are meant to be.

That’s what it means: you are enough.

You are enough does not mean that you are a final product, complete and finished, all done growing and changing and learning things forevermore. It does not mean that you are all-powerful and perfect, either. You are enough does not mean that you are everything.

We spend too much of our lives worrying about things that don’t matter. The pursuit of enough flies in the face of the pursuit of everything. Having a good grasp on “enough” means you don’t have to get everything, and you certainly don’t have to be everything.

You are enough does not mean that you have to be self-sufficient. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need anyone or anything else. It means you understand how much you do need, how small you are in this great grand universe — and that you don’t have to be even one inch bigger than that.

Believe in yourself – Believe in the world

Be willing to believe that by focusing on feeling good, I make better choices that lead to desired results. Actually believing you саn achieve greatness.One of the most powerful affirmations is to tell yourself on a daily basis that you can achieve all the greatness in life. Focus on your vision and dreams. Then attach the emotion to that vision.

By telling this positive affirmation to yourself and believing that you can achieve greatness, you give yourself the power to create the life you desire.

Believe In Yourself. Part of being kind to yourself is wanting the best for yourself. And in order to get the best, you have to believe in yourself. Have faith in your own abilities and in your own judgment. Think highly of yourself: believe in yourself.

Learning how to believe in yourself will open up endless possibilities in your life. At times you may find this difficult to do. The truth is that we’ve been conditioned throughout our lives to doubt ourselves. We must retrain ourselves to get rid of our fears and self-doubt in order to build self-esteem and self-confidence.

Authenticity means you are enough. It’s enough to be who you are to get what you want. What if, for the first time ever, you were real? What if you said what you wanted to say, did what you wanted to do, and didn’t apologize for it? What if you were assertive, forthcoming in your opinions or actions to stand for what is right for you? You didn’t let things get to you. You knew you had something special to offer. That’s where we all should be. So, answer me this: How are you, really? And know that no matter the answer, you should still be accepted. Bravery is in the understanding that you still may not be accepted for your truth. Bravery is knowing you matter even when others say that you do not. Bravery is believing in yourself when all evidence counters doing so (i.e. past failures or losses) Bravery is in being vulnerable while knowing vulnerability is a sign of strength. It’s taking control.

Believe it’s Possible: You Always Have a Choice

In order to believe in yourself, you first have to believe that what you want is possible. Scientists used to believe that humans responded to information flowing into the brain from the outside world. But what we now know is that instead, we respond to what the brain — based on previous experience — expects to happen next. In fact, the mind is such a powerful instrument; it can deliver literally everything you want through the power of positive expectation. This is the importance of always holding a positive expectation that what you want is going to happen. It is simply a choice and a discipline of the mind. One of the biggest misconceptions imposed by pendulums is that you need to fight for happiness, persevere and overcome many obstacles in order to win your place under the sun. According to Transurfing, happiness exists here and now, on the current line of life, or it doesn’t exist at all. The twelfth golden rule of Transurfing: Happiness comes during the journey to Your Goal through Your Door. Your Goal is something that gives you real pleasure, something that gives a feeling of joy, a feeling of a feast of life. Your door is the path towards your goal on which you feel fascinated and inspired. There is only one way to find your goal: drop importance, turn away from the pendulums and start listening to your soul. When you think about your goal, you shouldn’t think about its prestige, unapproachability and the means to achieve it. Pay attention only to the state of spiritual comfort. Answer the questions: What does your soul want? What will make your life a feast? Achieving one main goal will cause the fulfillment of all other wishes, and the results will exceed all expectations. Transurfing warns us about the danger of choosing someone else’s goal. Another person’s goal is always a violence against yourself, a coercion, a duty. Someone’s goal can show up in disguise of fashion and prestige, it can lure with its inaccessibility. The path to someone else’s goal is always a struggle. Moving to someone else’s goal always keeps a feast in an illusory future. Achieving someone else’s goal brings disappointment and emptiness, not happiness. False goals are imposed on us by the stereotypes of pendulums. It is necessary to break stereotypes and set your mind free from them. If you want to achieve the goal in order to prove something to yourself and others, then it is not your goal. If you made a decision in your mind but your soul feels uncomfortable, then the goal is not yours. Soul discomfort is a feeling of a burden that is hard to notice as it is sinking in the background of optimistic reasoning of the mind. So, the basic principles that the Transurfing suggests: live by the dictates of your soul; bring the soul and the mind into harmony; do not yield to extraneous influences that impose other people’s goals; do not fight with anyone or anything (including yourself); use what life offers you; be afraid of nothing; choose your path and act consistently — and everything will turn out. Certainly, Transurfing does not pretend to be a complete picture of the world. For example, it does not reveal the nature of the Soul, the idea of ​​its coming to earth, the further existence after death. Many concepts in Transurfing are already known to us under different names. For example, excessive potentials and equilibrium forces recall karmic laws. And slides and intent remind us of the law of attraction. However, the existence of Transurfing only confirms the existence of universal truths and laws by which our world operates once again. We live in a world that constantly tells us what to do, how to act, what to be. Knowing how to be true to yourself and live the life you want can be a challenge. 

When someone asks how we are, we assume that the person does not mean the question sincerely, for it would lead to an in depth conversation. So telling them that you are good or fine, even if you’re not, is the usual answer. In an ideal world, we would stop and truly listen. We wouldn’t be afraid to be ourselves. Instead, when we answer about how we are doing, our mask, the persona we show the world, tightens. Sometimes even more so than it might have been before. Eventually, it becomes hard to take off, even when you’re alone. Imagine a world where we asked how someone was doing and they really told us. Imagine a world where there were no masks, only transparency when we talked to one another. If you want to live in a world that celebrates who you are, mistakes and all, take off the mask. It doesn’t mean you have to be positive or fine all the time. According to a Danish psychologist, Svend Brinkman, “we expect each other to be happy and fine every second, and we expect it of ourselves. And that ‘has a dark side.’”[1] Positive psychology can have its perks but not at the expense at hiding how you truly feel in order to remain seemingly positive to others. No one can feel positive all the time and yet, that is what our culture teaches us to embrace. We have to unlearn this. That said, telling others you are ‘fine” all the time is actually detrimental to your wellbeing, because it stops you from being assertive, from being authentic or your truest self. When you acknowledge a feeling, it leads you to the problem that’s causing that feeling; and once you identify the problem, you can find a solution to it. When you hide that feeling, you stuff it way down so no one can help you.You can’t even help yourself. Feelings are there for one reason: to be felt. That doesn’t mean you have to act on that feeling. It just means that you start the process of problem solving so you can live the life you want.

By being yourself, you are being brave. By acknowledging all you can be, you tell the universe that you can until you believe it too. The steps are easy, and you are worth it. All of it is about the purpose you are leading and the passion that is your fuel. Staying true to yourself is all about mastering how to live life authentically rather than faking or forcing it. Having the life you want (and deserve) is about being trusting in yourself and the purpose you are living for. Both need passion behind it, fueling it each second, or you will experience burn out. When you are authentic, you can call the road you walk your own. When you live your life for you and not just the results of all your actions (faking it till you make it), you can let go of what you don’t need. This clarifies and pushes purpose to you, living for something that is greater than you. You will find that making decisions based on what will actually achieve your goals, will help you attain the life you want, and your success with each step, will allow you to enjoy the process. Good luck! Feeling Lost and Out of Control? If you aren’t taking any action to turn your life now, chances are you will live the same routine for the rest of your time. Maybe life is uncertain for you now, but you’re capable of taking back control of your life.

Quick Fix

First off , drop everything right now and say out loud “ I BELIEVE IN MYSELF” Everything you have in your life is a result of your belief in yourself and the belief that it’s possible. Here are the four most important steps to learning how to believe in yourself. Practice them and you’ll be amazed at the results:

  • Believe it’s possible. Believe that you can do it regardless of what anyone says or where you are in life.
  • Visualize it. Think about exactly what your life would look like if you had already achieved your dream.
  • Act as if. Always act in a way that is consistent with where you want to go.
  • Take action towards your goals. Do not let fear stop you, nothing happens in life until you take action.


  1. Be Vulnerable with yourself

When you are your true self, you can better self-advocate or stand up for what you need. Self-expression matters, and you should value your voice. It’s okay to need things, it’s okay to speak up, and it’s okay not to be okay. Telling someone you are simply “fine” when you are not, does your story and your journey a great disservice. Being true to yourself entails embracing all aspects of your existence. When you bring your whole self to the table, there is nothing that you can’t beat. Can you take off the mask? This is the toughest thing anyone can do. We have learned to wait until we are safe before we start to be authentic. It all starts with your story. You have been on your own unique journey. That journey has led you here, to the person you are today. You have to be unafraid and embrace all aspects of that journey. You should seek to thrive, not just survive. That means you do not have to compete or compare yourself with anyone.

2. Choose Your Attitude in Adversity

You can take control of your destiny and live the life you want by staying true to yourself. You can start anytime. You can start today. You can start with one day at a time, just facing what happens that day. Most of us get overwhelmed when faced with the prospect of a big change. Even if the only thing we change is our attitude. In one instant, you can become a different person with a change of attitude. When you take control of your attitude, you become able to better understand what is around you. This allows you to move forward. Originally, you may have had a life plan. It could have started when you were little; you were hoping to become a mermaid, doctor, astronaut or all three when you grew up. You were hoping to be someone. You were hoping to be remembered. You can still dream those dreams, but eventually reality sets in. Obstacles and struggles arise. You set on a different path when the last one didn’t work out. You think of all the “shoulds” in your life in living the life you want. You should be doing this…should be doing that… See how all these thoughts are in your mind?

3. Do What Makes You Happy When No One’s Looking

Being the best version of you has nothing to do with your success or your status. It has everything to do with your Character, what you do when no one’s looking. In order to create the life you want, you have to be the person you want to be. Faking it till you make it is just a way to white knuckle it through your journey. You have the fire inside of you to make things right, to put the pieces together, to live authentically. And Character is how you get there. If you fall down and you help another up while you’re down there, it’s like you rise twice. Along with attitude, your character is about the choices you make rather than what happens to you. Yes, it’s about doing the right thing even when obstacles seem insurmountable. It’s about using that mountain you’ve been given to show others it can be moved. It’s about being unapologetically you, taking control, choosing your attitude in adversity and being the best version of you to create the life you want. How do you know what you really want? Is it truly status or success? Unfortunately, these things do not always bring happiness. And aspects of our image or “performance driven existence” may not achieve satisfaction. Materialism is part of our refusal to accept ourselves as enough. All the things we use to repress our true selves are about being enough. “Enoughness” is what we truly seek, but ego gets in the way. Ego is the perception of self as outer worth. It’s not REAL self worth. Ego represses our true self with a new self— the self of chasing ‘“Am I ever enough?”’ questions. And instead of filling our true selves with self-love and acceptance, when we “should ourselves” and chase “enoughness,” we feed the ego or our image. It’s important to realize YOU ARE ENOUGH, without all the material trappings. 

4. Answer the following journal prompts:

  • What is something I’ve always wanted to do but was too scared?
  • What can I do to take better care of myself?
  • When have I done something that I thought I couldn’t do?
  • At the end of my life, what do I want my legacy to be?
  • What was a time when I was at my best? Why?
  • What rules have I set for myself that I follow strictly? What rules have I made but find hard to follow?
  • What have been my greatest failures or things I wish I had done better?
  • When I wake up in the morning, how do I most want to feel?
  • What does my ideal day look like from morning to night?
  • What does success mean to me?
  • What do I most need to heal right now?
  • What do I want my life to look like in 3 years?
  • What do I need to forgive myself for?
  • What would I do if I wasn’t afraid of failing?
  • What do I need to stop doing to live a richer, happier life?
  • How do I/can I add value to those around me?
  • What desires do I need to surrender?

Dive Deeper: 

Never Good Enough: How to Use Perfectionism to Your Advantage without Letting It Ruin Your Life by Monica Ramirez Basco