Tarot Tuesday!

Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to give to you a little Mini Major Guide

The Majors in Tarot sometimes feel like the most important….

Let’s go thru the Majors together….

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The Magician -1- Manifestation!! When you draw this card it can have to do with skill or with loss. With the power of creation, there is also the risk of failure. This card is about originality! Achieve those things you’re daydreaming about!! Think of your situation! What is going on? A sudden solution, as if by magic – but it may be just an illusion. PAY ATTENTION! Wizard: surpassing the plausible.

The High Priestess -2- This card feature my best friend. Think of your best female friend. Why do you respect them? This card represents femininity, intuition, mystery and psychic ability. THIS CARD CAN PROVIDE CALRITY! Where do you need clarity? Can your best friend help? Secrets and hidden circumstances stand in the way and need to be understood. This card can give you an increase in intuition but maybe your outcome will be random. Secret: hidden influence.

The Empress -3- This card is your mother when she was young. Think of abundance, birth, fertility, growth, stability. This card can mean finical abundance, pregnancy, or desirable results!! Think if the supportive females in your life that supported you, or supported your mother! Envision AMAZING RESULTS!! The gentle power that still rules, almost unnoticed and rarely opposed. This card can also carry a warning – if you find it reversed. Are you being clingy? Maybe this wasn’t the result you wanted, maybe the women in your life aren’t being supportive? Benefactor: gentle power

The Emperor -4- This Card has Win on it. What do you think of when you picture an Aries? AMBITION! This card can represent your rise to power, powerful people who have interest in you. Maybe you will have a stable future. Is your ambition helping you achieve your goals? The reverse here can include domineering males, a patriarchal society, power struggles. Maybe you have to ask a male for assistance. Maybe you can’t help yourself. You’re up against real power, so yield or suffer the consequences. WATCH YOUR EGO! Or watch other egos. Supreme ruler: irresistible power.

The Hierophant -5- This card is all about tradition! Look for good advice from authority. Think of a teacher who encouraged you to play by THE RULES. This card is like The Pope smiling down at you telling you what to do. Traditions can be outdated but maybe you have to play their game. The dependency on approval from an elevated dignity. Priest: spiritual authority.

The Lovers -6- THIS IS THE PARTNERSHIP CARD! This card represents Attraction, choice,, good decisions, proof, soulmates! Deeply felt mutual attraction – for as long as it lasts. Love: intense affection.

The Chariot -7 – You are breaking down the walls, crashing in carrying determination, drive, gaining recognition, revenge, success and victory!! This card may mean that you a source of inspiration, drive and will power. Enjoy that Triumph – but beware of its consequences at length. Enjoy your success but don’t gloat. Conqueror: success in spite of resistance.

Strength -8- This card visually is what it represents! RIDE THAT LION! Strength of a kind that’s superior because of its clever application. This card is about ACTION, bravery, instinct, tolerance! Hero: a great feat.

The Hermit -9- Curl up on that sofa and start binge watching that fantasy show. ALONE TIME FOR THE BETTER! This card represents gaining wisdom, independence, recognition for being different. The lesson and reward, but also misfortune, of solitude. Are you lonely? Maybe you’re hiding what you really think? Solitude: isolation.

Wheel of Fortune -10- An uncertain outcome, with an aftermath to be carefully considered. This card is like playing the lottery. Maybe this means for you, good things on repeat, maybe it means destiny is in your favor! However it could be things going around in circles. Chance: the unpredictable.

Justice -11- This card represents: Commitments, contracts, Court Cases, Equality, getting what you deserve, or maybe Law and Order. Justice without blindfold is not always fair. Is it neutral? Is it good or bad? What is fairness to you? Judge: the rule of law.

he Hanged Man -12-  Are you needing some spiritual growth? Do you need to just wait this out? Should you be taking better care of your health. Patience may be what you need. Great personal sacrifice that still doesn’t hurt much. This card can seem sad, uncertainty can be difficult. This may be just a transition. Change is hard. Martyr: sacrifice.

Death -13-  Don’t be afraid of this card! This can represent a life changing event! Perhaps a blessing in disguise! Maybe a positive ending? Change isn’t always bad. MAYBE THIS IS THE NEW START YOU NEED! A costly loss? Grim reaper: coming to an end.

Temperance -14-  What a virtue!! This card represents balance, contentment, home, balance, peace, savings! This card is pure! The end of a conflict! Moderation in all is ultimate persistence. Patience: time passes.

The Devil -15-  What is your temptation? Do you have a strong desire? Are you feeling the drive to make things happen? Are you obsessed with the pleasure of something? Does this influence those around you? Watch your intentions, make sure they aren’t cruel! The pain and delight of giving in to temptation. Archfiend: nemesis.

The Tower 16  This is the failure card! But maybe failure is what you need? Look into yourself. Has something shocked you lately, so much so you want to set this place on fire and jump out the window? Take a step back! A spectacular ambition that ends with disaster? What are the lessons you’re learning? Destruction: failure.

The Star 17 See that shooting star?! It shines for you! This card represents dreams fulfilled!!! Good prospects, Health, Hope & wishes!! Your dreams are coming true, there is hope for the future! But are you letting peoples jealousy of your success hold you back?? Time to pause and reflect, contemplate what’s precious and what’s not. This is the shooting for the stars card, what do you have once you have what you wanted? Distance: the unreachable.

The Moon 18 The moon is a trickster! Is there bad energy in your life? Any real danger? False friends? Deception? Fears? What is your intuition telling you? We only see one side of the moon, what is she hiding on her dark side?? Longing for the sake of longing, and the hope of fulfillment. Cycles should be welcomed. Increase your intuition, trust yourself, not others! All may not be bad as you think it is. Soul: longing.

The Sun 19 THIS IS THE HAPPY CARD! How do you feel when you walk out into the sunshine? Feel the warmth of her! Those happy rays of sunlight give us LIFE! The sun keeps earth happy, she cares for her. This card represents achievement, abundance, happiness, holidays, marriage, soulmates. Maybe its time to plan that trip abroad. Focus on your happy loving family. Great resources at your disposal, but constrain yourself since it’s possible to have too much. Smile at the sun. Ability: triumph.

Judgement 20  The clouds above you are changing, you are hearing your calling, maybe your status is about to change, an opportunity may present itself. Transformation is on its way. It’s time for your fresh start. Ultimate judgment, whether we welcome it or not. What does judgment mean for you? Result: final outcome.

The World 21  Success in anything worldly, but not for free. Maybe it’s time to travel the world? Take a look back here, where were your success? Where did you fail, this is the end of something, to let something new begin. Take this as your new year, what do you want the future to be? Opportunity: success at hand.

The Fool 0 ITS TIME! It is a new beginning. Find that thirst for life. Find your FUN. The fool reminds us to find our inner child and have a good time. Don’t always assume intentions are bad. Little kids are so free of judgement act like them. Ask questions freely, let yourself be the beginner! Blissful carelessness, the power of ignorance. Not knowing something gives you the opportunity to learn! Innocence: carefree ignorance.

You can get my Tarot Decks up on my Etsy!

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