Podcast Episode 3! What is health?

Podcast Episode 3


Now that we have explained WHO we are and our outlooks, this next episode we wanted to really dive into the WHAT.

What exactly are we talking about. Well Amy put it so beautifully with this triangle above.

We are kind of that squiggly line between mental and fitness. 

What is health?  What is mental health? What is fitness?

Why do these questions feel so ominous? 

Why do have SO many assumptions? 

Where did Flex come from?

How do you Flex?

Flexibility: the quality of bending easily without breaking.

We wanted to do this episode as sort of a setup for future episodes because I think it’s sometimes important to Just Define what we mean by certain terms.  Health is a huge turn there’s so many meanings behind the term health and what we found doing this podcast was there were just so many definitions out there and we sort of just had to pick one that will really work for us. We also found that that’s kind of what health is. It is finding your own definition of health and then striving for that for your self right house can for you mean you need to eat more healthy or you can me and you need to sleep more there are so many different things that Health could be. The whole point of this was just a sort of set-up where we come from what is Fitness when his health and that you know of professionals you know he is a therapist and she struggles with what does mental health me in and I’m a personal trainer and I struggled with what does fitness mean like if professional struggles with these terms then I’m sure normal people don’t do with these terms normally also struggle with these terms.

We also got into where “flex” came from. I think that Flex is such a beautiful idea. I am so thankful to have Matt Amy just, in that she’s helped me Flex better in my own life and also helps me think about the language I use and how I come across to others; I do personally get insulated in my own head and I forget that other people can see and hear me. I come from a place of wanting to help people and wanting to help people grow but I also look how I look. I know I can come from a place where they see me and decide who I am. They make assumptions about me or whatever. Lately in my life I’ve been noticing more and more people that just viscerally do not like me. Also recognizing that in my life, some people really love me and some people really really really dislike me and that’s okay.  That doesn’t change my worth, you know? I think we all have to sort of find that spot where  we are not flexible with how we express ourselves because we should be comfortable expressing ourselves and sharing ourselves. But we should also be cognizant of how they affect others and how we may be toxic in ways that we don’t know. I’m definitely on a learning and growth Journey.

I most definitely places where I am super toxic or I have been hurtful with my behavior whether or not it’s intentionality doesn’t necessarily matter. Because I have to recognize for myself that you know people are awful to me and I allow them to be, because they didn’t mean it. And that doesn’t feel good.  Even if they didn’t mean to, my feelings are still valid. I felt like they were awful to me. So if others around me are like well she’s being awful and I’m not making this up awareness to either change my behavior if I care about how it’s affecting other people or if I’m not taking the time to self reflect and make sure that I’m not hurting those people around me that I care about. It’s interesting looking back through these broadcasts. Amy and I have been recording these and hustling on these and putting our episode 3 is super exciting but we did record this episode back in February. Which is fun to come back to and look at these different things of the Crux of what our podcast is about. What is mental health? What is Fitness? What do these things mean? But it’s also interesting looking back on, you know just being real with you ,the audience right, I hurt Amy this week, not intentionally but I did hurt her.  I have missed several meetings. I’ve been really busy. I’ve had a lot going on and it’s something that sort of fell by the wayside for me. This was a harsh reality that I felt like slapped me in my face. Things in my life are really NOT working.  I need to make a change. I had a hard look at my priorities this week, I actually dropped the class that wasn’t working and I quit my job at the gym.

I have actually known things aren’t working for quite some time, and I am sort of impressed with my own braverory to come forward and confront the messy and the change. I feel like I have the power to create the life I want, and that power and possibility can feel kinda scary and intimidating. I felt like I should work at the gym because it made me feel more like I am a “real” personal trainer. And I am also sort of ashamed that it took me so long to notice, it literally Amy confronting me with how I was hurting her to notice how much my life isnt working. Amy is not one to confront, she usually just quietly leaves the room. 

Looking at my life, from the perspective of where I want my life to be, what I want to do and I have been spending so much time doing all of these should it’s right like I should work at the gym. And not asking the question of what do I want to do, what am I doing for fun. And I view this podcast as something that is fun and special to me. So it has been something that I’ve been putting on the back burner. And I’ve been sitting on the back burner because I felt or haven’t been feeling that I don’t deserve to have fun or I don’t deserve to do the things that I enjoy because I should do things for other people first. And this whole question about Mental Health and Care of mental health and finding what does mental health mean.  It has made me much more aware of where I am putting my energy and where I am putting my time. And why start a podcast about Fitness and mental health and my not putting my own mental health forward. Why do I feel the need to put my own needs on the back burner? And I feel terrible that I hurt Amy in the process and made her feel unimportant. Because this podcast is NOT just me, this podcast is also Amy.

I think it’s important to take a step back and look at where in my life I can be healthier and where in my life I can take better care of my mental health. We’re in my life. Do I need to water the flowers that are important to me? Amy is an important flower to me and I would like her to be watered. I think we can all ask ourselves these questions right what does mental health mean to me what does fitness mean to me how can I better take care of myself I think that these are really important questions we need to ask ourselves and we need to be honest and open and I couldn’t when I am wrong I can admit when I do take on too much. And I really hope that now that I had lessened my responsibilities I’m no longer working at a gym where I feel like I should be working and I instead just a member that gets to go to fitness classes when I want to rather than feeling obligated to go to a job that no longer is serving my interests.  I also think that it is important to tell those around you when they hurt you so that they can be given the opportunity to fix it, or to get a better friend to rise to the occasion. I feel really honored to be a part of flex. I feel really honored to have shared this space with Amy and I look forward to our next episodes and I endeavor to be more available for this podcast and answer more questions from listeners and make this more of a priority especially since now I have more time. I think time management is a real mental health skill.

We talk in this episode about finding your Thrive line which is basically you’re no longer on that level of survival and you’re looking for that level where you thrive. And I think I thrive best when I’m not holding myself back. How do you drive in your life  and what do you think is important for just arriving and where in your life do you find your own Thrive line? I think that these questions can really help us understand what we are looking for and what we want out of this life.

Health- Discuss popular assumptions of “health.”

noun: health

  1. the state of being free from illness or injury.

 Personal definition of Health Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (

First, we have our physical health. This means being fit physically and in the absence of any kind of disease or illness. When you have good physical health, you will have a longer life span. One may maintain their physical health by having a balanced diet. Do not miss out on the essential nutrients; take each of them in appropriate quantities.

What is mental Health? – Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. Mental health refers to the psychological and emotional well-being of a person. The mental health of a person impacts their feelings and way of handling situations. We must maintain our mental health by being positive and meditating.

 Social health and cognitive health are equally important for the overall well-being of a person. A person can maintain their social health when they effectively communicate well with others. Moreover, when a person us friendly and attends social gatherings, he will definitely have good social health. Similarly, our cognitive health refers to performing mental processes effectively. 

What is  Fitness? Fitness is described as the Overall indicator of health, pattern of repetitive activities of purposeful movement noun: the condition of being physically fit and healthy.

Levels of fitness

What is Exercise?

Isn’t it funny that I couldn’t Define exercise like what is exercises exercise just movement? Is exercise just the act of repeating sets of activities there’s so many different games about Fitness through so many different ways to be Fit. This is a really difficult question of like what is Fitness what is Fitness? I think the beautiful thing about Fitness is that it can be anything you need it to be. And I hope that we show that throughout this podcast that mental health is going to look how it should look for you and fitness is going to look how it should look for you and it’s about finding your fit it’s about funny how you Flex through your life.


Flexibility is the range of motion in a joint or group of joints, or the ability to move joints effectively through a complete range of motion.

Listen to the episode to see where FLEX came from.

I feel like the name Flex really made this podcast happen. So thank you to Amy for that. I feel like the name flax really created this podcast for me it really solidified the idea it helped make it feel more manageable I am in love with the name. I love the idea behind it. And in this episode when you listen to Amy talk about it I hope that you can hear her knowledge and passion.

Thank you guys for doing me on this crazy journey and I hope to see you next time