How to be Vegan, while living with nonvegans

I get the comment a lot that, oh I would try going vegan but my husband, kids, partner, etc. is not vegan and has no interest in being vegan.

First off, I get that tough spot. IT’s often easier to just do what those around you do.

It’s fairly easy to maneuver being vegan around nonvegans

  1. Load up on accidentally vegan snacks – PETA has a fairly comprehensive list of what’s accidentally Vegan.
  2. Make meals in sections, leaving some components vegan. Make a vegan chilli and you can have grilled meat on the side to add on top of. Easily done with a lot of your favorite dishes, pasta, burritos etc. You don’t have to make separate meals, but try sectioning off parts of the meal and have the meat components something that the meat eaters can add separate.
  3. Put your chef hat on! Make a vegan version of each person you live with favorite meal. Being vegan makes you a better cook, because its so much easier to cook as a vegan! The challenge of making a dish vegan can seem daunting. But there are so many FREE recipes out there. Maybe you can make a vegan version that they like better! No harm in trying, and just like anything you practice, every time you do it you will get better!
  4. Try new things! It takes exposure of about 11 times for a child to like a new vegetable. Adults are just big kids, it can get hard for them to try new things. Have your meat eaters try a bite of a vegan dish, if they don’t like it they don’t have to eat any more. Show you’re open to them having meat on the side, as compromised above and then have them meet you half way. Relationships of any kind are built on respect. Tell them being vegan matters to you and you’d like them to give it a try.
  5. Cook yummy food and don’t tell people it’s vegan. Sometimes the label “Vegan” really turns people off, instead of seeing compassion for animals. They see a pushy person who exposes them to their own food morality issues. Often people lash out at vegans as a defense mechanism because they feel guilty about their own eating habits. Share with them good tasting food and tell them later, hey did you like that recipe? It was vegan, I would love to cook for you again! It’s about sharing yummy food and eating together as a family or living civilly with your roommates. It shouldn’t be a fight to eat more ethically!