Teaching Pilates!

Heres a sneak peak of what my class is like.

Do you like Pilates?

I have always enjoyed fitness but it was Cassey Ho’s Blogiates Youtube channel that really got me interested in doing more fitness. I found her videos when I was in college and I just loved her energy. She is so bright and bubbley! I loved her positive attitude. I went thru a bad break up and started doing hot yoga as often as I could and they just started at POP Pilates certification and I was so interested in the prospect of learning more and meeting Cassey that I got super stocked but I was super nervous to do it. I never thought I would teach I just wanted to learn. I reached out to my dear friend Rita who was the only Pilates instructor I knew and was friends with on facebook! And she really encouraged me to TRY! And the training was amazing. It was so intense.

I drove up to Denver and I took this all day training and It did so much for me self esteem! The whole thing focused on YOU being YOU. I loved the whole energy. So i started teaching every other week, then weekly, then soon 3 times a week. I got fired from my “real” job and i was in a pretty horrible spot emotionally. But then Rita reached out for me and asked if I was interested in teaching her Pilates class at Los Volcanes.

I was so nervous to start teaching. The only certification I had was Pop Pilates and the largest class I had taught at the brewery was 9 people. sometimes there were 12 or 15 people in Los Volcanes! And sometimes there were 2! I was used to small classes of mostly my friends.

Teaching Pilates at the senior center really gave my life purpose. I would have laid in bed all day depressed if I didn’t have to be at the center 2 times a week. Sometimes it was the only thing I did. Luckily more and more teaching opportunities opened and I got more and more certifications. I got a group fitness certification, I got a Pilates mat certification, I became a certified personal trainer. Before the plague and my car accident I was teaching over 20 hours a week!!

When the plague hit I completely stopped teaching, I started teaching a little bit virtually:

See the videos HERE

But I havent been doing anything more than one on one personal training, mostly virtual, so teaching in person feels like a dream!

It honestly feels so good to be teaching again. It really has inspired me to put out more workout content. I have had so many requests for videos. What do you think what workout video should I make next?