Visiting Washington

Just got back from a super fun vacation with my love. We were trying to go somewhere before he starts his new job and opted for staying with some family. I have never been to the Northwest. And wow is it green, and wet and overall gray. It sure was beautiful though.

Seattle and Olympia  Trip!

Round trip tickets for $200 each? We were looking for somewhere to go that wasn’t absorbingly expensive. With very little planning and a couple of quick phone calls we had a place to stay for a week in Olympia and a place to stay for a week in Seattle.

Part One :*Olympia*

Very green, a bit chilly in December. Would be lovely weather in warmer months. The town itself is sort of a hipsters mom paradise. Downtown Olympia is home to a host of adorable local shops that bring charm and there are plenty of coffee shops along with MANY vegan options.

Vegan options in Olympia :HERE :

Happy Cow lists 37 Vegan options in Olympia, and I found no trouble finding Vegan food, even most pizza places had a vegan cheese option.

Running Routes in Olympia HERE:

This was an excellent city to run, there is a great little lake that also has a watershed lots of trails.

The only downside was the price of food. It seemed like any where we went it was about $25 a person.

Cost of Living in Olympia seems ridiculous compared to Albuquerque. Rent averages at about $1,000 a month although The people were visting expressed concern that rent seemed to be going up and up and the two bedroom single family unit they were renting in the front fo their house they were charging much more for. Online it says that the cost of living in Olympia is 4% higher than the national average. More Info HERE

On the other side of town there is a shopping outlet and lots of very modern amenidies.

Hipster finds in Olympia Washington :HERE:

Day one: Nice run exploring the lake and local parks.

Lake: Capital Lake Info HERE

Capital Lake is beautiful. It’s a great little run. Also all the Parks that surround seem like great options for families. Lots of playgrounds almost anywhere you look. Map of Capital Lake trails : HERE :

Park: Garfield nature trail park is a great walk on your way to the Olympia Food Coop. They have a little FREE store, where you can get stuff people have dropped off, so if you were like me and didn’t pack warm enough I picked up an extra sweater. Check out more HERE .

We enjoyed a lovely dinner at a cute little café. Walked the town and enjoyed the cute shops.

Cute shops in Olympia : HERE :

Psychic sister was super cool. I bought a vintage coat for only $30. Also Captain little was a ton of fun! Also this Art Store was super cool! I bought some nice water colors.

I have two more parts to this story, The Rest of Olympia and the Washington Peninsula, Also all of Seattle! Check in Next Thursday for the next part!

Have you been to Olympia? What was your favorite part?