Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Let’s be friends. I have been up to a lot of fun stuff. I got my masters degree and couldnt really find a job that worked for me. I could not play the internal political games and follow the rat race. I have been following my heart and focusing on helping people and healing from my own trauma.

I have gone through some things in my life and while they may have sometimes been self created, That doesnt mean it was not effort filled to heal from them. One of the ways I have found healing for my self is by taking care of my body. Not only by eating well and becoming Vegan, but also by exercise. I really believe the body was made to move. So that is what I have drawn my attention to. I have seen movement heal people. My life has pushed me in the direction of healing and that what I do as a personal trainer. Our bodies are amazing and so intelligent. Often we have the own power inside of use to heal, we just need some guidance taping into that inner wisdom. That is what I do with fitness. I teach Pilates I create youtube videos. All with the intention of helping people heal.

I am a really big empath. I feel emotions really intensley and I often take on the emotions of others. I often become a mirror for people. Sometimes, not often but maybe with about 25% of people, they take my realness and my genuine heart to be some sort of personal attack and they act towards me with intense cruelty. I know this is because they deeply need healing, but thats a journery they need to figure out on their own. One way I process this is to make art. Art allows me to handle being an empath. because often, dealing with people gives me extreme anxiety. I have anxiety attacks fairly frequently and they often get triggered if I don’t work through the emotions by creating. I often spend excessive time with certain types of people and I feel so physically drained I can’t do much after. because people can really drain me, emotionally and physically. That is why I make art.

Art allows me to process a lot of emotions and put the emotions of other people some where else. I cant help but to create. I am obsessed with making and creating. Whatever I can get my hands on. A sketch book? Awesome. Watercolor? DOPE! Fabric things and textiles? oooo! Resin jewelry? LETS GO! I get so excited about possibilities and new ways of seeing a feeling things. and sometimes I just create with no intention. I also love a purposeful project so I have created many Tarot Decks.

Tarot is something that makes the world makes sense. Whenever I feel lost I read my cards and they always guide me back. I also love to do readings for other people. I like all the tarot decks I have created because I hope my art and new way of seeing tarot can connect others with the healing power of Tarot.

I am a fairly intense person. It’s hard for me to sit still and watch TV. I like to be doing something. And often filling my days as much as possible is one of my defense mechanisms. If I fill my time with enough things I can never be successful because I could never complete it all. I created an oracle deck on Loving yourself and dealing with some of these patterns of self sabotage because I am an expert in hating myself, so I have learned how to love myself. Learning how to love myself has allowed me to love others around me so much more deeply. This is why I have started a podcast with my Best Friend Amy, She is a therapist and we focus on healing internally and loving yourself for real. I also created a 36 day course on loving yourself and finding movement.

Because I am an intense empath with lots of anxiety. I crave people and interaction with others. I also get extremely lonely when I am not around people, and that’s why I often go back to fitness. Group fitness classes are literally my favorite thing. It is like a free group of friends for the duration of the class and you get to use your body so you feel good emotionally and physically after class. Its way more fun to workout with friends that it is to workout alone. (Unless you are running, sometimes for me running is the best meditation. And sometimes that’s nice to be alone)

I see people one on one for virtual personal training and I teach plates at los volcanes and I am currently running an Etsy shop selling jewelry and tarot decks. Also run this blog and my podcast as welll as creating online virtual courses. I am hoping to release more tarot decks and to get my art up in some galleries.

I don’t work a 9 to 5 and I do work a lot on a lot of different things. But I feel like everything I do adds value and meaning. I feel so blessed and fortunate for my life and I would love to be friends with you and add purpose and meaning to your life.

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