Vegan Fridays!

Hey did you know I offer Vegan Health Coaching?!

I want to help people live their best life.

Have you ever thought about health coaching?

What even is a health coach anyway? – A health coach is your personal health cheerleader, guide and partner. They help you implement lifestyle changes to improve your physical health. The service is often available through corporate wellness programs. Your doctor may also recommend health coaching if you have a chronic health issue like diabetes.

With my coaching, I focus on your overall health.

  • I focus on your Environment.
  • I help you reduce Stress.
  • I focus on your Nutrition.
  • I encourage Sleep.
  • I push you to find physical Activity.
  • I help you with Time management.

Let’s talk a great place to start. A great place to start is fostering growth mindset. This means getting control of your mind and emotions so you get your power back. We can start this by Dealing with negative emotions.

Sometimes we feel like shit. We are unmotivated, everything kind of sucks. What do we do to get out of this funk or this negative cycle? We accept that the feeling is there. Make a conscious decision to sit with whatever negative feeling is there and try to accept it—because it’s there anyway—rather than pushing it away. Face that bear – I like to say.

If it’s a negative thought, look for the underlying emotion (anxiety, sadness, or anger). Can you journal about or think through why you are feeling your negative thought?

Sit down and physically scan your body to see where you feel tension or discomfort. You may feel it in your chest, belly, shoulders, throat, face, jaw, or other areas. Rub that area or apply heat or cold. Give that area some love and comfort. 

Checkout my Going Vegan Guide

Have you ever wanted to try a vegan diet? Have you ever wanted to learn more about nutrition? Have you been wondering how to eat a Whole Foods based diet?

This is a week challenge to learn about your body and to eat more ethically. This program is not about weight loss ( although you might lose body fat). This is not “diet” in the sense of trying to eat less. This program is about eating more! And more nutritionally.

My name is Thea. I am Certified Vegan Nutritionist Health coach and I want to show you some yummy recipes, challenge you to get into a deeper connection with your body, and help coach you into a healthier life. I have been a Pilates instructor for over 7 year, been a personal trainer for 4 years. I have helped numerous clients with achieving their goals. I love PErsonal training, I love being a coach. But what I have found working solely one-on-one with clients is I can only help so many people. I want to help MORE people discover pain free movement, eat more nutrient dense foods and dispel myths fueled by toxic fitness industry. I want to help YOU achieve your goals. I don’t want to take a ton of your money and give you some cookie cutter program, I want to give you actual tools to be successful so you don’t have to spend unnecessary money later on.

If you want to make the commitment to yourself to eat more Whole Foods, take charge of you nutrition and get a toolbox of healthy recipes and tips for going and staying vegan.

8 Week Vegan Challenge:

  • 8 weeks long
  • Learn about nutrition and learn about VEGAN food ( weekly resources)
  • 3 workouts a week (total 24 workouts)
  • 25 original recipes ( also a link share to 1,000s of FREE vegan recipes )
  • Easy to follow meal plan 
  • Weekly accountability emails
  • Weekly checking Via-zoom
  • Weekly challenges

There’s SO much information to digest in nutrition ( pun intended!) I will break up the information weekly and have a zoom chat about it once a week. You can ask all your questions throughout over email or during the zoom session. 

I want you to feel supported over these 8 weeks. You can challenge your self to go 100% vegan or you can do 5 nights a week. The point of this challenge is to ease you into eating more nutrtient dense meals. I firmly believe we can turn everyone simply by showing them how yummy the food is.

Have you ever wanted to go vegan? Have you ever wanted to try a whole foods diet?

This 8 week challenge focuses on creating a better relationship with food, increasing you nutrition knowledge, and to help start you on a path to healthier eating and increasing fat loss.

Paid Challenge coming soon!