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I want to introduce you to Summer Shred!

This is a 2 month challenge that pushes you to increase your endurance, build strength and lose fat.

It is an intense 45 minute workout.

This workout is 3 parts:

  • 15 minutes of Pilates.
  • 15 minutes of strength
  • 15 minutes of hiit.

Every day you do this workout you get a little stronger!

This is the perfect program if you feel stagnent in your workouts. IF youve been wanting a fitness challenge but have been too busy to make it to the gym.

This program is not for people who are going to give up one day in. This challenge is reserved for those who are going to commit and get the work done.

This program is perfect for you because you get everything you need. You get to work on your flexibility, you get to build strength and develop muscles. (According to research weight lifting 15 minutes a day can be equally as beneficial and and hour or more once a week) This program also has HIIT, so youre going to shred that fat. This is literally the perfect program. Everything you need to get the best workout possible and then be done with the day.

We warm up with Pilates, get out our popping and wake up the connections between our joints.

After pilates our heart rate has increased and we have prepared the body for the 15 minutes of weight lifting, this features 5 to 7 exercises for 3 sets. Every exercise is the best most effective moves for building strength. The goal is to struggle to do 12 repetitions each set. Now if you don’t have heavy weights, fear not. I recommend for this program a heavy set of weights and a lighter set. (for example 5 pounds and 10 pounds, or 8 pounds and 12 pounds. This is the base place to start and as you move thru the program you may get up to 15 pounds! While I encourage heavier weights, work with what you have first and focus on form.

After our muscles are tired from building strength we burn out on HIIT. HIIT is simply high intensity interval training. We start the program with pilates HIIT and as we build endurance we build up the HIIT to be more intense. You can calm the hiit down and avoid jumping, I cue and show all modifications. I also cue amplifications incase youre feeling super feirce and really want to push thru that hiit. We get our heart rate up with HIIT and then we are finished. For the whole day. How awesome is that?!

I will end the workout with a little cool down and scratching, some videos are 42 minutes and some are 48, but it’s roughly 45 minutes. Each one is unique but we are building on the same foundational exercises that I have seen to yield the most results in the gym. You don’t need to do endless cardio or slave away on weight machines. I promise this workout will yield more results and develop a better habit of overall fitness and health.

I developed this program specifically for you. I have worked with so many types of people in the gym. But you are different. You have some serious magic inside of you and you’re going to absolutely crush this program.

Even if you’ve tried fitness challenges in the past. This is going to be the one that makes the biggest difference in your routine and I hope to teach you more about how your body moves and how your body feels.

I call this the summer shred because we are going to not only shred fat but we are also going to shred that BS from our life. Every week features a micro challenge. The first week is a challenge to increase the water you drink. Water detoxes you and helps you rid yourself of toxins. But as the weeks progress we get deeper into ridding your life of the BS. This isnt spread good vibes toxic positivity this is kicking the habit of saying you dont have time. This is addressing your excuses and leveling up and being proud of yourself. You are going to absolutly slay this challenge.

These 8 weeks feature some awesome weekly challenges and a different Summer Shred workout.

Never get bored with your workout!

Are you ready?

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