Thrilling Thursday!

Let’s talk Knee Pain!

Knee pain sucks….

I literally know. As a runner, who constantly hurts my knees. I know how to work with knee pain to stop the hurt.

I was in an awful car accident pre covid and I really messed up my knees a doctor told me I would never be able to run again. Well I have run over 10 half marathons since being told that. Let me tell you what. Movement IS healing. The best thing for your knees is to use them. don’t avoid using them because they hurt, below I have an old youtube video of me walking thru how to prevent knee pain while exercising. I hope it is helpful. I want to do a deeper pain relief series and really dive deeper into this stuff. it is possible to use movement to find less pain.

Recently on my podcast I had two doctors come on and talk about pain management. IT was such an interesting discussion.

You can listen here:

We sat down with Dr. Martinez and Dr. Esquibel to discuss Injury from a professional standpoint. Recommendations for healing and coping thru injury and How people deal with injury as well as how to help other heal thru their injury. We address head on the need for a mind body connection, being real with our expectations of ourselves, and acknowledge the importance of rest. This interview is jam packed with Tips and tricks to make the most out your body. 
Amy and I want to remind you that you should always seek advice from your doctor or physician before starting any sort of exercise thing, we promote movement thru injuries throughout this episode. Injury can be a really difficult setback for pursuing fitness. We want to show you that you are not alone. We hope to give you the power to know your own body, so you can understand your pain levels and always seek advice from professionals when there is risk of reinjury. 
Welcome to Flex! A podcast about gaining flexibility through every part of your life. Today Amy and I sit down with two bad ass Doctors. Alicia and Kathleen. Our conversation is intense and we hope these two amazing women completely inspire you.  Doctor Alicia Martinez is a Doctor of Naprapathy, Physical Therapy Assistant and a licensed massage therapist. Dr Kathleen Esquibel is a Doctor of Naprapathy, and a certified Ortho Therapist. 
Amy is a licensed and practicing Therapist. She gives insights into what she has learned helping people to help themselves. She reminds us it’s all about human connection. Thea is a certified personal trainer who has worked with hundreds of clients, she shares tips on how to be successful crushing you fitness goals and how not to take yourself to seriously. A little bit of sass, probably some pet hair and a messy bun, we bring it all together to give you our best recommendations for creating your best life. Sometimes the curve balls life throws you is just the universe helping you find something better.  We give you the tricks to better flex through everything, to help you create the life you want. For humans who want to be healthier and happier. 

Check out my podcast on Injury:

last week I got to try out glow yoga, Glow-ga if you will! 🙂 It was a lot of fun but the hard floors really hurt my knees. I usually bring two mats, but I was borrowing Amy’s and its a lululemon one and I think it is quite thin. One way to prevent knee pain in a yoga mat is to have a cushy mat or to put a towel underneath your knees.

If you want some specific knee exercise check out my PDF: