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It’s time for our 9th episode of FLEX!!!

9 Getting Over Injury & the Messy Process of Healing – Mentally Heal – Dive into the Mind Body Connection and how set backs make us doubt ourselves- Healing it doesn’t have to be hard!

How to be the best version of you, despite your set backs!

Today we sat down with our dear friend Patty. Patty isn’t trying to sell anything; she is really just trying to heal. We wanted to share an intimate conversation with her, to help those of us experiencing injury heal together. If injury has set you back, you are not alone.

Patty has a crazy rare back injury. Her injury is so rare, we can’t really pronounce it. The cauda equina is the continuation of these nerve roots in the lumbar and sacral region. These nerves send and receive messages to and from the lower limbs and pelvic organs. Cauda equina syndrome (CES) occurs when there is dysfunction of multiple lumbar and sacral nerve roots of the cauda equina We talk weight loss surgery, becoming obsessed with yoga, and how healing feels weird some days.

We often fixate on the final result but forget that we spend most our time in that awkward in between.

If injury has set you back, you are not alone.

It doesn’t have to set you back forever. We talk on todays podcast on ways to be kind to yourself. Here on Flex we want to remind you, that you’re doing a great job.

 A little bit of sass, probably some pet hair and a messy bun, we bring it all together to give you our best recommendations for creating your best life. Sometimes the curve balls life throws you is just the universe helping you find something better.  We give you the tricks to better flex through everything, to help you create the life you want. For humans who want to be healthier and happier.

Hi All!  Amy here!  I’ve taken over the blogpost for Thea today (again).  Today’s release is our second installment injury with the amazing Patricia Wynn!  We decided that after our interview with Dr. Alicia and Dr. Kathleen and getting a look at injury through the professional lens, we wanted to get a very personal experience of injury.  I immediately thought of Patty. 

Patty and I met on a yoga retreat that was promoted through Yogi Flight School.  We clicked almost immediately!  We had so much in common.  When you go on a yoga retreat, you know you’re going to meet a bunch of people who love yoga, always a great place to start.  The fact that many of us were members of YFS, more awesome! But in our opening circle, Patty talked about her journey with her initial spinal surgery, which I have never had (knock on wood), but she also talked about journey post-bariatric surgery.  We were bonded.

At that point, Patty was making her comeback!  She was working towards headstand and building the ninja skills!  We left Greece as friends.  Shortly following the retreat, Nat offered a mindset training where Patty and I got to spend more time together. 

During the Your Fuck Yes Life! Workshops I learned that Patty had experienced her injury for a second time and was navigating her recovery FOR A SECOND TIME!!  My heart was broken for her.  To think about all the work she had done, the obstacles she overcame, only to have it happen again.  I could only imagine how that impacted her emotionally and psychologically. 

Patty’s contribution on the topic of injury is so relevant to our discussion because her story highlights many of the obstacles that injuries of all kinds put in front of us (despite the very subjective nature of each injury).  She hit on the importance of finding providers that you trust who will be realistic, but also help move you to your goals rather than simply laying down more limitations.  She nailed the description of being given clearance to move forward, but having hesitation because of trauma sustained from the injury.  She talked about the need to be patient with the process of recovery and allowing time to have its place (soooo frustrating!).  And then the yearning to be on the other side of the injury.  The want to talk about it retrospectively, and have it be a point of pride for overcoming, but having to tolerate that while you’re in it, it’s a point of frustration to withstand. 

Patty’s perspective on injury and recovery is also valuable in the sense that she has overcome and is having to maneuver the process a second time.  This provided some great insight into how subjective the experience is even when the injury is the same.  It gave us information on how expectation can be helpful, but also frustrating.  Also, how her mindset shifted from the first time to the second time.

It’s been a while since we have done the interview with Patty, which is awesome, because I have updates!!  Patty did make it on her trip to Costa Rica without issue!  It looked like she had a blast!  She went ziplining and had other amazing jungle adventures!  I applaud her willingness to check her hesitation and not allow it remove possibilities for her life.  I’m so glad for that part because that means we get to have more ninja adventures in Bali!!

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