Never Miss a Monday – intro 36 Day Challenge! – Pilates Arm Workout!

This is a pilates arm strength workout. Build that endurance, build strength so you can carry all those groceries in with one trip! You don’t need any weights! Just a mat and a smile!

Try to move your body if you can. 

Happy Monday my beautiful friends….


I have a new challenge launching this week!

21 days is still up and available. But that challenge is like: I have always wanted to work with a personal trainer but I don’t want to commit.

The 36 days to love yourself challenge is when you’re READY to commit to yourself!!

This challenge is 36 days, every day i1s a little bit of movement and a journal entry. This challenge will literally change your life!

I designed this challenge because I am so sick of people telling me how adverse to fitness they are because the toxic industry. Yes the industry is toxic, but you know what movement is vital to your health.

The reason health is this weaponized profit machine is because there is truth that exercise will make you healthier.

And a healthy body looks good. Its an evolutionary thing! But a healthy body isn’t super skinny, a healthy body isn’t lean and shredded. A healthy body feels good and is functional. 

A healthy body is free of pain and ready to move. In reality it doesn’t matter what a healthy body actually looks like. It doesn’t matter if healthy is 20 extra pounds, or whatever, but what does after is how YOU feel in your body. And thats why I wanted to make a challenge that focuses on the most important aspect of fitness we are not talking about. 

YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. How you feel about yourself is a bigger indicator about your health that what some number on the scale says.

Don;t believe me?

BMI is made up by a white mathematician. There’s not data that proves a BMI is accurate or representative. 

Want to know the single most likely thing that keeps people exercising?

How that person feels.


If you come at fitness from the perspective of punishment, of “I hate my body” and i want to change etc. You might be successful for the first couple of months, but you’re more likely to go back to old habits, you’re twice as likely to gain MORE weight than you lost.

But if you come to fitness as a CELEBRATION of your body. As a wow, I deserve to feel good. My body can do whatever I ask it to. 

You’ve spent your whole life beating yourself up, what would happen if you celebrated yourself instead?

That’s why I made this challenge. It feels crazy hard to try to rewire your negative self talk to break old habits AND also exercise. Wow that’s so much. It feels impossible.

That’s what this challenge is. I give you the movement and I give you the mental piece to work on. It is not all at once. You are not drinking out of the fire hose. Just everyday you get a little better at recognizing your own power. Every journal prompt gets you a little closer to internalizing your own magic.

You are incredible and that is what I want to show you with this challenge. 

The longest workout is 30 minutes. The journal prompts can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Less than an hour a day to focus on YOU.

You have the time for yourself. Make the commitment. Be open minded. Try believing in yourself. 

Commit to sign up today, and when the challenge launches, you’ll be the first to know!

Been working my butt off on this new challenge I’m about to launch. It’s the hardest I’ve ever worked on a project and I am soooo proud! It’s 36 days and every day is a deep dive to get to know yourself and every day features a different type of movement. It’s show off my catalogue of favorite workouts from breathing exercises to HIIT. The challenge is going to be transformative… emotionally. Yes you’ll build strength and probably lose fat. But this isn’t a fitness challenge that has to do with your appearance. It’s a challenge about finding self love. Every day has a journal prompt that will make you THINK and every day you will MOVE your body and after 36 days you will have such a new love and appreciation for your body. It’s going to be SO cool. I’ve put so much into this course and I can’t wait to share it with you. Drop a 💜 if you want a private invite! #challenge #selflove #teachable #selfpacedcourse #glowup

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