Thrilling Thursday

Win and I started our Covid Road trip in Oklahoma City! I love Oklahoma City. It’s such a quiky spot! We stayed in a tree house!

I wanted to write about this road trip because it was right at the beginning of Covid and Travel was still kind of precarious. We followed all Covid protocol. But I remember some friends being really mad that we were traveling. We were as safe as possible but we needed to travel. We purposely focused on nature this trip and going to places outside and places sort of off the beaten path. It was a cool and different way to travel, we don’t normally travel like this. We are big museum people, we can get lost in museums for hours. But during this trip most of the museums were closed. It forced us to “rough it” a little bit more and it really let us connect and get to know each other.

We started this trip off heading East of Santa Rosa. We stopped in Oklahoma City as the sun began to set. We found our Air Bnb, described as “glamping” , and it was a gorgeous Tree House, overlooking a little green farm. The area was beautiful!

We had some drinks and walked around The Plaza District. The Plaza District is, no doubt, the place to go for art in Oklahoma City. Only have one day and want to make the best use of your time? Head straight to the Plaza District. Read more about it HERE.

This blog has a great map of how to find the street art in Oklahoma City. There was so much! It was really cool!

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