Tarot Tuesday ~ Stress

Our bodies are well equipped to handle stress in small doses, but when that stress becomes long-term or chronic, it can have serious effects on your body.

I feel stress in my Gut

The gut has hundreds of millions of neurons which can function fairly independently and are in constant communication with the brain—explaining the ability to feel “butterflies” in the stomach. Stress can affect this brain-gut communication, and may trigger pain, bloating, and other gut discomfort to be felt more easily. The gut is also inhabited by millions of bacteria which can influence its health and the brain’s health, which can impact the ability to think and affect emotions.

I did a reading from this page:

Stress-Be-Gone Anxiety Tarot Spread

The card that stood out to me was:

Reverse 9 of pentacles is the thing making my stress worse. If you’ve dealt with any failures lately, it may be because you haven’t put in too much effort. The 9 of Pentacles can suggest that you desperately desire success, but may not be ready to actually work for it. On the other hand, this card can indicate that you may have worked so hard that everything else has fallen by the wayside. Time passes quickly, and before you know it, everything can change. Take some time to review your finances, if you have a business. You need to make sure that the people that you work with are trustworthy. Take time to check your legal documents to be safe as well.  

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This week I want to do a reading specifically on stress.


Card #2 : the Heart of your worry

Card#3 : Action and your point of power

I got this spread from HERE

I feel like 7 of cups has been haunting me. It is the options card. and it does feel like there are SO many options! This card is inviting you to move out of the ideas and options phase and choose. Each will have its pros and cons – it’s up to you to make sure that the option you select is in alignment with your purpose and your Highest Good – even if you feel somewhat paralyzed by the options available to you. If you find yourself with multiple opportunities or ideas, ground yourself first and reflect on what you want for the long-term. All these shiny new objects in front of you have a certain ‘magic’ power over you right now, and you’re at risk of losing focus if you chase after pipedreams. Take a step back and assess the options against your priorities to work out which opportunities will be a real benefit to you.

The heart of my problem is I am scared of failure and scared of success. At times, the Five of Pentacles highlights a ‘lack mindset’. that is defiantly where I have been. I have been sabotaging my ability to create abundance because I have been only focus on what I lack. When all you can see is what is going wrong, they energy you put out is the energy you get back. To shift this energy, look for evidence of what you do have, even if it’s very small or seemingly insignificant, and express your gratitude for those blessings in your life. Over time, the positive aspects will continue to grow and soon, ‘lack’ and ‘not having’ will be a thing of the past.

Similarly, the Five of Pentacles suggests that you fear you don’t have ‘enough’ or you may lose something important to you – even if it hasn’t happened yet or is unlikely. For example, you may live in fear that you will lose your job and will be left in the streets with no home and no support. If you stay focused on all the negative things that might happen, then be careful, because your manifesting powers may start to create the outcomes that you don’t want. Instead, redirect your attention to what you have now and what you want in the future, so your manifesting powers get used for good.

My solution card is interesting. The Knight of Pentacles shows that I are a natural planner and implementer. I envision my goal, determine the best course of action, and then stick to my path with a methodical and relentless focus. When you are in ‘implementation mode’, the job will get done, even if it requires hard work along the way. Meticulous in your approach, you make sure that everything is planned and executed down to the tiniest detail. And you will never leave a job half done. It is essential to you that you complete all assigned tasks and projects to a certain standard and that you follow through on your promises.

Sometimes, the Knight of Pentacles points to the more mundane or boring aspects of life – the daily grind, repetitive schedules, household chores, and other responsibilities and obligations. You may be assigned a project or given a task to do, and you will have to commit your time to see that project through to the end successfully. With the Knight of Pentacles, you will be required to accept responsibility without any complaints or grudges.

The Knight of Pentacles suggests that you are taking a moderated and conservative approach to life right now, and while you may be feeling that change is imminent, you are sticking to your tried and tested ways of doing things. You have established that you need routine and careful planning if you are to achieve your goals. It may not necessarily be an exciting period, but at least you know you are on the right path. Even if you are growing tired and want to quit, this Knight invites you to keep at it, and you will eventually see success.

I have been giving myself so much pressure to DO MORE. To make more money, to do more things, to pack more in. to prove something. to prove what? that I have value? The stress I am creating for myself by expecting perfection when I can slow down. I heard on a podcast do 80% of everything on your list in the order of importance and then you can go back and give that 20% because the 20% will take 5x as long as that 80% because your strive to be perfect becomes harder and harder. Give your best, you don’t need to give everything. This applies for all aspects of your life. Make a list what is valuable to me

  1. My career/school
  2. My partner
  3. Money making things ( do not starve)
  4. My Relationships
  5. My hobbies

I think I feel inconsistent because I wish my partner was higher on the list but I also don’t feel comfortable because I can’t see that it would be reciprocal in the ways that I would want. He doesn’t like the idea of marriage. And that is totally fine but it is one of those lines for me that I won’t have children with someone I am not married to. I am not connected to the house in any way so if something happened to him I would be homless. This scares me but I also believe in the practice of turning into that. Do things like a marriage make any difference in our relationship in the moment? Would I be happier if I had this thing? Do I just want this thing because I think I want this thing because I am told I want it? Any turning into the uncomfortable and confronting those feelings does make me feel more secure. I feel like I am holding so much tension in my body and I need to let it go.

I also feel guilty for living such a wonderful life. I love my house. I love my friends. I love my cat. I feel good here. I have never really been this “good” and its really scary. I am use to struggling. I am use to not having enough time. I am used to being burnt out. I am used to people not being on my side. Why is happiness so scary?

The fact is, pretty much everyone has felt anxiety, to some degree, about facing the idea of going after what they want and achieving true happiness. Yes, even if it the outcome of what you hope for is potentially wonderful, there can be a lot of stress attached to the whole #LivingMyBestLife thing. But it’s not a fear that has to paralyze you, or stand in the way between you and your ability to be happy.

If you’ve felt happiness guilt, your knee-jerk reaction may have been to try to hide or quash your joy. You may even feel guilty for worrying about something like happiness guilt, brushing it off as a privileged non-problem. And of course, feeling this way right now is a luxury that many of us don’t have. This year, people have grappled with the threat of serious illness, racial violence, economic uncertainty, the loss of safe housing, and more.

I am going to talk more about happiness in future blog posts…