The real problem with the Fitness Industry

…and how you can get fit in spite of it.

There are 3 main problems with the fitness industry

  1. They are trying to sell you something that isn’t real
  2. The emphasis on Hype vs Health
  3. plethora of uninformed information

They are trying to sell you something that isn’t real

The fitness industry makes a ton of money. They make a ton of money trying to sell you something that isn’t real. The global gym industry is worth $96.7 billion in 2020, with more than 184 million gym members in total. 2020 is a true testament to the growing gym industry trends where the global gym industry is worth $96.7 billion. It can be hard to tell what a REAL health trend is among the gimicks.

Dishonest advertisers will say just about anything to get you to buy their weight loss products. Here are some of the false promises you’ll often see in weight loss ads and I have explained my opinion in parenthesis: Lose weight without dieting or exercising. (You won’t unless you consume WAY less calories, manage your stress and get enough sleep) You don’t have to watch what you eat to lose weight. (You do, most of weight loss comes down to diet.) If you use this product, you’ll lose weight permanently. (You usually have to continue, it is why they say its a lifestyle) To lose weight, all you have to do is take this pill. (weight loss is often more complicated and weight loss pills are often harmful) You can lose 30 pounds in 30 days. (this is not a safe timeline.) This product works for everyone. (everyone is different.) Lose weight with this patch or cream. (Nothing topical will make you lose weight.) Most of the fitness industry is based on sales and marketing, not getting you actual results.

That ideal physique online or in magazines doesn’t really exist. Why doesn’t the industry want you to know this stuff?  Because then you won’t spend your money on supplements, poor personal training, and cash grab quick-fix solutions.  Don’t fall for it.  Get into a habit, make it a permanent change and give yourself time.  Being healthy isn’t something you do for a little while.  It should be something that you do for the rest of your life in order to live longer, healthier, not have aches and pains and be on medications and be a good example for your family and friends. Read more here

The emphasis on Hype vs Health

Not only are “Bikini body” standards very harmful, read more HERE. They often don’t focus on health. With the constant stream of nutrition and diet stories hitting the news, sometimes it’s hard to know what’s hype and what’s real.

Health is a complicated thing. It’s different for everyone. Some people lose weight by taking multivitamins and drinking water. Some people gain weight quickly. Some things work for some people, and those same things really don’t work for other people.

Assumptions of health, why was it so difficult to define to define health? Have you even thought about what good health means for you personally?

And here is the real stinker, we don’t even know what health means! Doctors argue about what is “healthy” We talk more indepthly about this on my podcast

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (

We have our physical health, but that isn’t the whole picture. Physical health means being fit physically and in the absence of any kind of disease or illness. When you have good physical health, you will have a longer life span. One may maintain their physical health by having a balanced diet. Do not miss out on the essential nutrients; take each of them in appropriate quantities.

There is a Plethora of Uninformed Information

I follow some people, who I have followed for years, for example Cassey Ho. But I have begun to notice, especially on tiktok, just bad exercise advice. And frankly some harmful info. Not just from people I respect, like Cassey, wo largely gives great advice, but she falls victim to the pull of the fitness industry and that click bait that us like “Do this loose weight fast” I felt at first as a new personal trainer that push to advertise and promote “weight loss” But I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t know why or how to articulate, the push for weight loss made me uncomfortable.

I have tried to focus my training on bringing out the best in my clients, focusing on their best features and supporting them towards more positive habits. Weight loss is sometimes a happy outcome but it shouldn’t be the main goal. Because weight loss isn’t necessary for a good life.

I promise there isn’t a fitness trend I haven’t tried… Fasting, juicing, IMF, Keto, hours of cardio, lifting heavy, pro ana sites, all the good all the bad. Some things worked for me some didn’t. but I have seen many different things work for clients and many things not work for clients. It is crazy to me how many clients come to see me and think they are experts in things and tout bad information at me.

Fasted cardio? Some people swear by it other people it really hinders their performance.

Check for credentials, and don’t assume people have them. I have a PT certification that took me 6 months to get online and then I had to take a test for and that I have to get CECs of continuing education credits for. I also have a host of other certificates, group fitness certifications and specialty certifications, PIYO and Pop Pilates etc. But I am not a registered dietitian that can write you a specific meal plan.

fitness influencers no credentials making fitness content harmful. Many online content creators share weight loss tips and other health advice, but you should largely take this information “with a grain of salt,” Not all influencers are qualified offer health services in certain areas, and doing so can lead to major trouble. Think things thru and ask others, watch who you follow online and take your health seriously.

if you’re interested in cutting thru the BS and hiring a trainer who cares about you. Let’s talk.

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