Tarot Tuesday!

Stress is something that has been hitting HARD. I don’t know if its finals or my own personal demons but I feel those SHOULDS. Which is not helpful. Yes I could be studying rather than blogging but I just spent 3 hours doing stuff for y business which was hard but feels good. First I had to finish my taxes which is scary because I am going to owe. My business is doing great but I am still learning a lot about finances. Like those things you know you need to do but you have been avoiding… For my it’s money. Money makes me anxious and it’s giving me STRESS.

Lets go thru Stress and Tarot!

Read more about managing stress HERE

We recently dove into stress on my PODCAST. Which was a great episode if you wanna take a listen.

Whether one believes in tarot or not, the internal dialogue that a tarot reading promotes is something that everyone can benefit from. Draw this spread for yourself and let me know what the cards tell you. Remember tarot is just reflecting our own magic back to us, so the things we see in the cards are the things we need to.

I did the spread from HERE. and I wanted to share with you the spread I got.

These were the cards I pulled today

Top: Bottom Right:  Stress Trigger

Center: Final Outcome Under Current Circumstances

Bottom: The Underlying Issue

Left Side: What’s Making it Worse

Right Side: What’s Going to Make it Better

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How to lay out the cards:

  • Top::  Stress Trigger
  • Center: Final Outcome Under Current Circumstances
  • Bottom: The Underlying Issue
  • Left Side: What’s Making it Worse
  • Right Side: What’s Going to Make it Better

The cards I drew on 4/12/22

Top::  Stress Trigger : Seven of Cups
Center: Final Outcome Under Current Circumstances : The Devil
Bottom: The Underlying Issue: Knight of swords
Left Side: What’s Making it Worse: REVERSE nine of pentacles
Right Side: What’s Going to Make it Better: Ten of cups

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Whoa this was such a great reading and definitely alleviated my stress. I want to dive deeper into this reading with you and afterwards pull the cards for yourself and let me know what you pulled. I am pulling myself all kinds of different directions. Being made at my romantic relationship for not fulfilling me when I should fulfill myself. Being mad at my friends for not meeting my needs when I haven’t a clue what my needs are. Trying so hard to please other people rather than myself. assuming other peoples perspectives without giving the opportunity to speak. Also not believing in myself. That’s what it all comes down to. That and fear.

Top:  Stress Trigger

This position represents the trigger for your current stressed-out state.  Consider the following interpretations: Court Card: Represents a person in your life, like your bossy roommate or overly competitive friend. Major Arcana: Indicates you’re dealing with larger issues, like a past trauma. Minor Arcana:  Look to the suit for clues.   A pentacle card indicates stress in your professional or material life.  Or, a card from the Suit of Cups implies stress in a personal relationship. Read more HERE.

WHOA I pulled the freaking 7 of cups really? The Seven of Cups appears when what you desire is entirely disconnected from your ability to attain it. You’re a big dreamer, but you’re not taking the right steps in order to see the goals you’ve set for yourself realized.

This feels so true right now. I want to CHANGE the world! I want to make a living off my online courses and just share love and knowledge BUT if I don’t believe in myself and that doubt seeps in it is messing up my progress. The thing about this card is it all the OPTIONS any thing you can choose to do, doesn’t mean you should do every thing. I have been taking a hard look at my life lately and I have realized that I have a lot of inconsistencies I need to address and forgive myself for.

I have a fear of success, I have imposture syndrome…. but so what. what is the worst that could happen. I don’t make as much money as I would like to? So what? I don’t help as many people as I want to? If I help ONE person find a fuller happier life, it is worth is. Because it’s NOT ABOUT ME!

Stress often comes from our ego. Our insecurities aren’t real. And while they are painful, we have the power to rip them off ourselves and gain control over our emotions. Our ego wants to scream but what about me, let your ego scream, feel that feeling flow through you and take a deep breath.

This card is so perfect to pull. The Seven of Cups can be a very good card in a career reading. Many opportunities are presented to you at this time. Just be mindful of biting off more than you can chew or setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. While brainstorming and dreaming about your future can be fruitful, it’s also important to make real steps towards your goals. Read more here

Left Side:  What’s Making it Worse

Whereas Position 1 represents what lead you your anxiety, Position 2 symbolizes the factors in your life that exacerbate it. Anxiety tends to compound itself.  A little anxiety leads to more. This cycle continues until interrupted consciously. What unconscious things do you see in this card that fuel the fire of your stress? Note that this exacerbating factor may, at times, actually be a stabilizing force in your life.  For example, your friend may usually have a calming effect on you when you’re in distress.  But if she happens to be staying with you for a long weekend, her constant presence may have the opposite effect!

For the 9 of coins it usually means finical prosperity but reversed its not quite as cherry. Are you familiar with the philosophical question ‘does the outcome justify the means?’ If so, then you know that there has always been a debate about whether not-so-good actions are okay as long as the end result is positive. Sometimes this happens when people are too dependent on others financially, marry for the wrong reason, or take part in unethical business practices. When reversed, the Nine of Pentacles represents how desperation for success and security can lead to actions that are corrupt. In the past, the flipped version of this card was connected to deceitful but lucrative practices such as organized crime and prostitution.

Ok but hold up. I have been very reliant on my partner finical and it makes both of us uneasy. For me it makes me uneasy because I have never had support so its hard for me to see myself deserving it. Which I need to work on. but for him he is very anxious and is in a bigger financial situation than he has ever been in and feels that exhaustion from always having to be the adult. I needed this not so gentle reminder and nudge from my cards today.

Right Side:  What’s Going to Make it Better

Look to this card for insight into how to make things better. Got a Cups card?  This suit is ruled by the Element of Water.  Take the hint and try indulging in a stress-relieving ritual bath. Drew from the Suit of Wands?  It’s dominated by the Element of Fire.  Maybe you need a weekend camping trip, or candlelit evening with friends. Pentacles represents the Element of Earth.  Try sometime outdoors, and don’t be afraid to get dirty! A Swords card, ruled by Air, implies the need for breath work, meditation or even air travel. If you get a Major Arcana card, consider getting help in the form of your clergy or even a therapist.  Major Arcana cards usually indicate larger issues that aren’t likely to go away with simple techniques.

I drew the rainbow card! The Ten of Cups represents gratitude for the magic that’s weaving through your life, right at this very moment. You can’t see this magic if you are on autopilot, mad, stressed, or anxious. You can only perceive it if you choose to stop feeding tension, step out of your routines, and open your eyes to the miracles at play. When you open yourself to this magic, great things begin to happen in your life. This shimmering magic is darting about everywhere, but you may have to adjust your perspective to see it. Do “problems” seem to suck all the oxygen out of your day? Do you know you “have it good,” but just can’t seem to see it, feel it, or sense it? Is there stress, anger, or tension living in your heart?

Wow I feel this so much. I have been SO in my head. And I see how I hold myself back. Fear is such a cloudy and powerful emotion. When the Ten of Cups appears it’s time to open your heart to those you love most. Give them a hug and tell them how important they are. Acknowledge the love that is all around you and do something to increase it. There is magic dancing through your life. It weaves into your spirit and connects you with everyone and everything around you. It’s in the air, the water, the trees, the people you love, and in every particle of light. Whisper a word of gratitude…. for today is completely magical! Read more here

Bottom: The Underlying Issue

You arrived at this crossroads somehow.  Why? What past events lead you to your current struggle? In this card, look for clues about how and why you got here.  Could you be reliving an old habit you’re not yet aware of?  Is there an unconscious element here? Take a moment to think about whether the people in your life, your job and the way you spend your time still serve you, and whether you still serve them.  Is there anything or anyone you need to move on from?

The Knight of Swords is an ambitious man. He is always striving to prove he is a successful adult. No matter how much he achieves, he can’t seem to be happy or rest. The only thing he knows how to do is push ahead. Once he has completed his objective, he doesn’t even know how to absorb it. He is already rushing ahead to the next task, driving himself mercilessly to win, hoping that someone will acknowledge his value through deeds. Are you rushing through life? Do you stop to savor successes you’ve already achieved, or do you rush ahead to the next task?  Do you feel guilty about resting when there’s so much to do? Do you cram your day with so much activity that you feel drained and depressed? The Knight of Swords reminds us that this is no way to go through life. In fact, it is downright harmful to your health. In this card’s imagery, the horse represents our physical body. The horse is uneasy, anxious, tight, and trying to outrun his rider. The horse looks back at his master with an expression that says “Seriously, you want me to run faster?!” The Knight brandishing the sword represents the “cruel master” within. That nasty voice that tells us to shut up and keep going, even when we feel we are going to drop. Read more here

I have been giving myself so much pressure to DO MORE. To make more money, to do more things, to pack more in. to prove something. to prove what? that I have value? The stress I am creating for myself by expecting perfection when I can slow down. We can always slow down. There is always still time.

Center:  Final Outcome Under Current Circumstances

This card symbolizes where your situation will lead if you continue to move in the current direction. It’s not necessarily ominous.   You may very well need this stress in your life in order to take action or break free from procrastination. On the other hand, it may be self-destructive.   Or something in between. Take moment to ponder the images and meaning of this card and take to heart where you want all this to go.

I drew the devil for this spot. In a career context, The Devil upright in your Tarot reading can indicate that you feel trapped in a job that you hate. Again, you are in control of your own life even if you don’t feel that way. Evaluate what you really want in your career and if a move is what you need, make it. Remember that it is a choice you are making if you decide to stay in a job you dislike. The Devil can also indicate a colleague or person in a career context who is deceptive and may be trying to sabotage you. Be careful who you trust, this person will be all smiles to your face and while simultaneously stabbing you in the back. In a financial context, The Devil indicates that money will be tight but it suggests that there is more you could be doing to help yourself. Watch your spending! It can easily get out of control with The Devil in your Tarot spread. Also, avoid gambling or any sort of risky or impulsive investments. Read more HERE.

​Whoa whoa whoa. I feel so called out by the cards! I did just get a tattoo and I need to be focused with my money right now. It’s funny how stress with money can make us spend more money. At least for me anyway. When I was researching this I was sort of shocked by how biblical all the context of this card is. I try to stay pretty secular and universal when thinking into the tarot cards but Christianity has had so many impacts, on art on history its pretty crazy.

I think I also kind of drew this card reversed.

Boo had opinions on the reading….

In a general context, The Devil reversed can signify that you are becoming aware of the things that have been trapping you and the role you play in allowing them to. It is a great card for anyone battling an addiction or mental illness or engaging in harmful behavior as it indicates that you are starting to see the light and take back control of yourself and your life. You want to be free from these problems and you are starting to get the motivation to change your circumstances. It can also indicate that you are getting a new perspective on issues that you felt powerless to change previously. The changes you want to make may not be easy but they are necessary for you if you want to have a happy life in the future and you are beginning to realise what you have to do. The Devil Tarot card reversed can also indicate a near miss with a negative, harmful or dangerous situation or person. The important message this Major Arcana card brings is to be grateful that you avoided it, learn from it and move forward. Do not fall back into the old bad or risky behaviours that led you so close to danger. Don’t get cocky and think you are invincible if you managed to dodge the bullet. Appreciate your good fortune, but don’t push it!

I really needed this reading because I feel so much more relaxed. I know this was deeply personal to me but I think there are general lessons in any reading hat can be fun to think thru. Draw this spread for yourself and let me know what the cards tell you. Remember tarot is just reflecting our own magic back to us, so the things we see in the cards are the things we need to.

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