How to get into the Habit of Fitness!

I know starting a Fitness Routine can seem daunting. There is this overwhelming feeling you have to be perfect right away. Look you just wont be perfect starting anything new. Let go of the idea of being perfect and start embracing the idea of a little bit better every day.

When we put ourselves into extremes we leave ourselves no wiggle room. We are the sum of our actions so start thinking about each of your actions. If you workout 3 times a week and opt for 2 healthier choices, you are making progress. Rather than 2 intense workout and perfect eating 2 days and then the other 5 days of the week you blow it and say, screw it I will start monday…. That’s not going to work.

We also have to trick ourselves into habits. We wont have motivation every day. you will have to push thru that icky feeling of “I dont wanna”

I get it its hard. but that’s why I have created my 21 day JumpStart Challenge.

Getting into shape can feel intimidating but it’s really not.


This is the course for you.

I am looking for 50 people to TRY this course out, if you hate it and get no benefit you can get your money back! I am looking for those people who want to improve their health, improve their relationship with their body.

Does this sound like you? Keep reading….

Black Cat Burque and Fitness by Thea is currently open to enrolling NEW Students. We have helped over 250+ people escape exhausting self talk & Break Free from under valuing their worth….

To finally create a life that you love by creating a habit of consistency, and a knowledge around movement using Thea’s proven method. instilled with support and kindness. This is NOT a “No pain, no gain” This is ALL GAIN NO PAIN!

IMPORTANT! This course is not for everyone!

This course is for :

  • Those who have tried fitness programs and failed
  • Those that have bought a gym membership but never gone
  • Those who feel stress around the idea of working out
  • Those who know “fitness is good for health” but have no idea what that really means for them
  • Those who want to create a mind body connection, but have never really gotten that
  • Those who are sick of diet culture and everything being so appearance based.

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