Have you always wanted to get into fitness but aren’t sure how?

There is SO much information out there about what is “good” for your health. And unfortunately its a money gimmick driven industry that makes it hard for people to get into fitness. You can live an active healthy lifestyle and you don’t have to sort thru the BS. I want to show you how easy it is to live in less pain, feel better about your body, increase your range of motion and get better sleep! I want to give you the information to help you become active and get into fitness safely, with support and welcoming vibes. Your body is incredible, let me show you how amazing it is. I have a new course up on teachable! That’s EVERYTHING you need to know to get started in fitness!

As a personal trainer I have helped hundreds of people achomplish their fitness goals. I have helped clients run their first 5k, I have helped people improve their golf swing, I had a client lose 45 pound! But What I help EVERY client with is feeling welcome in fitness. I am weird, and awkward and just a bit different. I am not your jock, I am your carebear. I want you to feel so welcome at the gym that you develope NEW fitness goals, you never even heard of before.

Starting fitness can feel so intimidating. There is so much fat shaming and food shaming in the industry. That’s not what fitness is about, fitness is about feeling good in your body. I have taken all the BS out of what you need to know getting stared in fitness. I give you all the info I show new clients. It has taken me about 3 months to make and design this course. I have poured so much love into it.


When I start with a new client, I often find myself answering the same questions over and over again. I wanted to help more people find love for movement so I put everything in a 21 day challenge. It’s only 3 week and its literally a Fitness jumpstart!

The first week answers all the basic questions, what is a rep? How often should you exercise? And all those other questions.


This course is designed for anyone who needs a personal trainer. I get it, its hard to get to a gym. Personal trainers are expensive! I charge $85 an hour for a session. You will literally save thousands with this course! Learn more about my philosophy below, are we a good fit?

I have poured so much into this course and I hope you love it!




21 day Jumpstart!

Only $2 a day and get EVERYTHING YOU NEED!

It’s like having a mini personal trainer in your pocket for the next three weeks!

My programs include awesome stuff like:

  • a challenge calendar
  • making Exercise work for you; Info sheets
  • What is fitness Info sheet
  • How to measure FIT Info sheets
  • what is Exercise? Info sheets
  • Weight lifting guide lines; Info sheets
  • Injuries and how to avoid them; Info sheet
  • How to listen to your body: Info sheets
  • Common fitness terms
  • Nutrition 101; Info sheets
  • Macros: Info sheets
  • Micros: Info sheets
  • Other factors that impact weight loss: Sleep and Stress: Info sheets
  • Meal guide : Info sheets
  • Other food resources
  • Recorded workouts


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