Introducing the FLEX Podcast

Pilot Episode! Amy and I wanted to introduce who we are and what our professional experience looks like.

I have been quietly working my butt off on a huge project…. A podcast! Yes you heard that right. An actual podcast.

I have always wanted to start a podcast. It’s definitely a trendy thing right now. When I tell people I am working on one they are like “ok, thats nice, do you have a topic?” Finding the right topic was the thing that really held me back. I never really had a good direction for a podcast. I just thought that it would be fun to create one. I want to get into sound editing and I, personally, listen to so many podcasts that I thought it would be really fun to experience it from the other side. I’ve talked to so many of my friends about starting one and everyone is always, like “yeah, let’s do a podcast!” And then nothing really ever comes of it. I was really good friends with someone for a really long time. We had talked about starting a podcast but we didn’t really have any direction or any professional things to add, so it just kind of fizzled out. We just talked about it but there was never any action.

But then! I was hiking the La Luz Trail with my dear friend, Amy, we were talking, and we just had such a great conversation about mental health and such a great conversation about physical fitness and I was, like, “this is such a great conversation! I wish we could share it.” And I was like “we should start a podcast!” And Amy was like “oh gosh… Who would listen to our podcast?” And I really thought, “who wouldn’t listen?”

I believe there is so much in conversation! I believe there is so much to be shared from being in  community with and engaged with others and I would love to share more of my perspective. I have been through so much and overcome so many setbacks. I hope others can avoid some of the BS I have had to go through. But I don’t want to hold a microphone and simply talk to myself.I believe the juice of a good podcast is in differing opinions, in conversation and I would love to share my thoughts in conjunction with other people I respect!

 So starting a podcast has been my passion project for over 5 years. And I think I needed to wait until I met the right person. It sounds like a love story but really… The missing piece of this podcast was Amy. Since this has been such a passion project of mine for so long that I am beyond thrilled actually haven’t been able to start it. And I really think one of the reasons that it was able to come to fruition is solely because of Amy. Not just meeting Amy but solely because it is us trying together and us both being willing and vulnerable. It is that we have each other to push this project forward when it loses momentum. It has been work, sound editing is time consuming, I had to learn so many new skills I didn’t know existed. Not only was Amy vulnerable with me but also she pushed herself and I think between the two of us pushing each other and pushing ourselves. We actually created something really worthwhile and something really meaningful and I’m really honored to be part of it.

I am so humbled and nervous and excited to share with you our first episode:

I want to introduce you to FLEX.

Flex is a podcast that is a conversation between a mental health professional and a fitness professional. We dive into the parallels and complexities of health: mentally and physically. Amy is a licensed therapist (LPCC) . Thea is a certified personal trainer, pilates instructor, and has taught hundreds of people through one-on-one personal training and THOUSANDS(!!!) thru the group fitness setting.

I met Amy because I was given her name in a list of new gym sign-ups and contacted her about starting personal training with me. We were working together on maintaining her weight loss after her weight loss surgery. I really started looking forward to sessions with her, more than normal. We started finding more excuses to attend more fitness classes together. Then we started running together.  At that point, we just needed to accept the inevitable…we were meant to be friends! I try really hard to maintain a professional distance with clients, but I often struggle with that because I do get so close with my clients. I deeply care about them. But Amy is different. It was like that feeling in kindergarten when you meet all the new people and you pick one that you are like “I can’t explain it, but this person is for me and now we are best friends.” You know how children make friends? They just know subconsciously “I want this one.” It’s like that with Amy and I. She’s like the friend on the playground I have always needed. I will still push her to come workout with me in the gym, but she attends so many fitness classes, works full time, is a momma and a wife, a runner and now is super involved in a podcast. Life gets busy and my real goal as a personal trainer is to set people up to use fitness without me, and I really think I succeeded with Amy. She is a gym babe now and will always be a gym babe and I am so proud! 

I didn’t want to start a podcast without substance which is why the intersection of our professional and our personal experiences is a perfect lens to discuss all the things I wish we talked more about within society. We also have some pretty AMAZING interviews lined up and I can’t wait to release more episodes!! I promise, you are going to LOVE this show! We will be releasing every other Wednesday! 

Goals of the FLEX podcast

  • Help people feel more open to fitness and mental health
  • Take some of the stigma out of fitness and mental health
  • To educate people about fitness and mental health
  • To add content and connection between fitness and mental health
  • To hang out with and learn from my friend (and friends) 
  • To all grow as people (and hopefully as a community)

Pilot! Episode #1: Who are we?

Amy and Thea dive into our professional experience and learning to love ourselves. Get to know Amy and Thea a little more through the professional lens.

  • What do we want to accomplish with this podcast?
    • Amy:  “I want to provide context from my education and personal experiences with mental health and physical fitness.  These things over the course of my adult life have played a huge role in how I relate to myself, with self-love and self-hate.  I want to share how to use these powers for good, improve our own lives and the lives of those we come in contact with.”
    • Thea: I was able to personally invest in fitness once I dealt with some of my past trauma. I have had a crazy time getting here. I had a tumultuous relationship with my parents, been addicted to drugs,got a masters degree, worked as a director at a nonprofit, started teaching pilates, and after a break-up was urged to become a personal trainer. I have gotten over 20 fitness certifications including pop Pilates, mat Pilates, crunch, pound, piit28. I have gotten numerous specialty trainings and courses on the subjects of osteoporosis care, weight loss management, wellness thru fitness, spine health, bone health thru fitness. I am also a runner. I have run well over 100 5k races. I have done 20 half marathons. So I have a passion for healing through movement and experienced it in my own life. I believe fitness is a main pillar of overall health. I believe everyone has the capacity to be their own type of athlete. 

01 Mind Body Connection, the pyramid of Mental and Physical Health – A Licensed Therapist and a Personal Trainer discuss misconceptions and make recommendations for living your BEST life

Amy is a licensed and practicing therapist. She gives insights into what she has learned while helping people to help themselves. She reminds us it’s all about human connection. Thea is a certified personal trainer who has worked with hundreds of clients, she shares tips on how to be successful crushing your fitness goals and how not to take yourself too seriously. A little bit of sass, probably some pet hair, and a messy bun, we bring it all together to give you our best recommendations for creating your best life. Sometimes the curve balls life throws at you is just the universe helping you find something better.  We give you the tricks to better flex through everything, to help you create the life you want. For humans who want to be healthier and happier. 

Amy is choosing not to disclose the company she works for to help keep some padded privacy for her clients.  She attended the University of New Mexico for her graduate and undergraduate degrees.  

I got my start in Pop Pilates . I never would have thought I would become a personal trainer. It seems so strange now because most of my life is focused on fitness now and I don’t think I could live without it. I think it’s important to look at where we were, where we are, and who we want to be. I love the track I am on and feel so fortunate I fell into this. In this show Amy talks about happy accidents.  Happy accidents can sometimes put you on the path you were supposed to be on. Happy accidents are defined as when something unexpectedly good comes from what would otherwise be considered a mishap.

Part of living our best professional lives is not only to talk the talk, but also walk it. As Amy says in this episode, “To be a responsible practitioner means you practice what you preach. – level of accountability you hold others to you have to hold yourself to.” I believe in that. I remind myself that when I take a rest day, I challenge my clients to also rest. But I also push myself to workout when sometimes I don’t want to, the same way I tell my clients who struggle with motivation. It’s why Amy, as a therapist, also attends therapy. I think it’s kinda awesome to recognize that the teacher will always be a student. I think that is important to remember. 

A lot of my philosophy I want to set up for this podcast is my respect for movement in and of itself. Movement is such an awesome broad term because it encapsulates everything. We have so much to learn from movement. Movement will be different for everyone and will feel different for everyone. I love the focus on movement rather than “exercise” because I do think there is a stigma about the word exercise that keeps people away. But if we focus our language on movement it focuses on this idea that the whole day matters and so it’s about incorporating physical activity throughout the day as well as trying to mitigate sedentary behavior, which is ultimately the goal. The more you move your body, the happier it will be. 

I think another big theme of this podcast, which I started the post with is, FIND YOUR PEOPLE! We discuss this in the podcast in more depth. I am not the trainer for everyone but when I find that person who’s been looking for a trainer like me, everything clicks into place and it feels easy. This stuff doesn’t have to be hard. When you do things with your people, things feel better. We dive into this in more depth in future episodes. But it’s something I want to remember. You have the power to choose the people you are around. This brings me to another point about movement and mental health which is that our society grossly lacks human connection. This is one of my main reasons for wanting this podcast. I hope that we can help create a real human connection with therapy and fitness. Amy and I are real people that care about you, and want you to live your best life. 

Where do you flex in your life? Where can you create more awareness of where physical and mental health overlap? Even creating the Awareness of the overlap-. Creating that Self awareness, to better flex through anything in your life.

Enjoy our first episode and be on the lookout for our next episode airing March 2nd 2022! 

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