Puerto Rico Part One

Flying into San Juan December 2020

I am going to have to break Puerto Rico into a multiple part series, just because that trip was so intense. But I want to start a Friday Travel Post Every Week!

Me and my Boyfriend, enjoying the beach before we were kicked off because the Sunday lock downs.

Last December I lived in Puerto Rico! The gyms were closed from covid, my boyfriend and I were both working remotely. I was teaching online for ViPKid and I was seeing clients virtually. My boyfriend does training and Human resources for a hospital system, and they’ve stayed virtual. And we were going stir crazy in our TINY apartment.

We live in a casita and it’s tiny tiny. We were both going nuts almost working on top of each other and decided to go to Puerto Rico. So first we had to be Covid safe about it. So we got tested and quarantined and tried to be as safe as we could. We stayed at Air Bnbs where we had self check in. 

Here I am in the Christmas mask my aunt made me! Dressing for the weather in December in Puerto Rico…

Puerto Rico in the middle of a global pandemic was interesting. A lot of places that were tourist traps were ghost towns. Everywhere we want was super laid back, very few people. San Juan was pretty packed but we didnt stay there until the end of our trip. The second we got off the plane we had to show that we had a negative covid shot and then we got our rental car. 

All the roads in puerto rico are bizarre. People don’t really stop at stop signs, they just honk and go around you. They drive very fast. There are pot holes everywhere. It was a little harrowing being in a rental car and not wanting to scratch it!

Anyway so we get the car and start driving. We started our stay in El Yunque. This town was so crazy, its a couple hours drive from San Juan and its in some crazy hills. The El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rainforest in the national forest system.  At nearly 29,000 acres, it is one of the smallest in size, yet one of the most biologically diverse. This little AirBnb we had as adorable. It felt very tropical!

Here was our first Air Bnb in Puerto Rico.
How cute is this little kitchen! We tried to cook almost every meal, we didn’t eat out once because it was covid lock down.


There were frogs everywhere!!! I love frogs oh my gosh, their crocking at night was so great. The humidity feels really good on your skin. We had a nice hike through the rainforest. We got kicked off the beach, after we had a beer. It was a really great week one.

This was such a lovely day we had a six pack on the beach and watched the sunset. Literally a magical experience, it felt like it was out of a movie…
Medalla Light Beer Medalla Light Beer The most popular option in Puerto Rico is Medalla, a lager-style beer produced in Mayagüez. This is the only beer mass-produced on the island, and it’s perfect to sip on as you enjoy the stunning views from one of the many beautiful beaches or small islands. It was cheap we drank a lot of it….
We went on a lovely hike through the rainforest!
The views were amazing…..
I had so much fun……

From there we went to Ponce

And then aguadilla for christmas 

then drove inland 

And then to San Juan.

Ponce, Aguadilla and San Juan are each going to be their own blog posts….