Mid Year Goals Assessment

I wrote out some goals on my 32 Birthday and since its half way to my birthday, I wanted to reassess where my goals are at 🙂

Only really completed 5 of the 32 goals but I also am working towards most of the others….

32 goals for 32

I really like new years, new weeks, new days. There is always new opportunities to do goal assessments and to get better at everything you are doing in life.

So that’s why I love to write goals, to hold myself accountable and to challenge myself to be better than I was yesterday. I hope my goals inspire you to make more of your own 🙂

Here are the goals I listed for 32 🙂

#1 Run a half Marathon

I have Actually Run 3 Half Marathons! – Chips and Salsa, Duke City and Albuquerque Half Marathon… Actually thinking about running a full Marathon for 2022, what do you think?

#2 Compete in a Bikini Competition

I am unsure because the state of the new variant, but I was upping my training and tightening my diet this week….

#3 Read 50 books

I Have only read 5 books since my birthday, definetly a goal I need to focus more on…

#4 Create a (another) Tarot Deck

Oh Whoops:

#5 Create an (another) oracle deck – working on this one! 🙂

#6 Start a Podcast – literally have a meeting for this Friday!!

#7 Write a book- I have a dope outline and one chapter finished… should get on this!

#8 Go to Bali ( or another big trip) – this might be a mute point because of covid 🙁

#9 Get a new fitness certification – ohi which one should I get?

#10 Create dolls of everyone I know – I am so weird, I need to get my studio set up for sure!

#11 Show my art in an art gallery – I did!

#12 Make a quilt – again need to get my sewing table set up….

#13 get a tattoo apprenticeship- I am going to talk to my guy in a couple weeks!

#14 Sell my art at a public event ( Craft show) – need to do another one..

#15 Bake Vegan Cup Cakes from Scratch

#16 Do 1000 burpees

# 17 Attempt MURPH

#18 Bake bread from scratch

#19 Do the splits

#20 finish my Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

#21 Write Graphic Novel – it’s outlined…. need to commit to finishing the art…. I have so many sketches, I need to cement my style…

#22 Run Every Week – I have run at least once a week since my birthday! 🙂

#23 Design a gym bag

#24 Be a better vegan

def working on this!

#25 write a song

#26 Make a goldfish purse

#27 Sell online fitness classes

oh I MISS Teaching… I should do this

#28 Create online course

Working on this right now!

#29 handstand – slow steady progress…

#30 Get Dance Certification (Zumba? 305?)

#31 Make more art!

#32 – Go back to school – Actually enrolled for next semester…..

This was so cool to look at what I was able to accomplish in 6 months, and what I was not… Do you like to set goals?

Theres still time before I turn 23 in July! I bet I can get more of this list done. I love a challenge!

Heres a look back at 31 🙂