What’s holding you back?

What’s holding you back?

I ask this earnestly. 

Right now what is holding you back? 

Is it you? Is it those around you?

Is it your circumstance? Do you have excuses?

No really I am not trying to be mean. What excuse do you have for why you don’t complete projects ideas, dreams, etc. Will you face it with me? Maybe after you face it too?

Here’s how I hold myself back:

  1. I hold myself back, by listening to other people. 
  2. I hold myself back by adding too many things.
  3.  I hold myself back by procrastinating.
  4. Fear?

I am going to make a blog post on each of these topics. Why? Because we can old get better when we face our flaws. And we can only really find self love if we forgive ourselves.

Why is it when we tell a friend an idea the first instinct is to cut it down? 

Why in society is it just common knowledge not to tell everyone what you’re working on because they will doubt you and thus it will make you doubt yourself.

I am guilty of this, there are so many projects I put down because I talked to someone about it and they made me feel like it wasn’t worth the effort. So many times people made me feel like I couldn’t finish some thing. 

Recently  I have started to just turn everyone’s volume off, but also to not talk about what I am working on. I have forcibly stopped listening to people when they give advice and when people ask what I am working on I divert away. I have a handful of pretty close friendships, but I also have an even bigger handful of aquatencies and for the most part I would say social media skews things. I have some friends very active on social media so I get a swash of their life and I probably wouldnt interact with them except on social media. I have other people that i have to check in on because they dont have social media. So I think this environment brings us into the exposure to people that we disagree with. It’s almost like facebook knows certain concepts get me upset, and when i am upset on facebook I interact more. So i Feel like facebook shows me more and more content that upsets me so I am going to comment and stay on the app longer. I think this makes people bitter and untrusting of others.

We are constantly mad at those around us. When we feel close to someone, we might almost tell them not to do something out of protection. I see that project failing and that disappointment will hurt. But why do we fear that failure.

Also disclaimer I am trying to be vague but every time I talk of my experiences I offend someone. So with the assumption that its you, you’re the offended one. Hey look I am sorry but this blog post isn’t about you. Its about how others make you feel, not me though I am the analyst here.  if you’re my close friend, let’s say you are. You are reading my blog, thats pretty close. you know me. I am a care bear. I am overly sensitive, I am quite emotional,  and I am filled with insecurity. Those factors usually lead me to be kinda mousy. I feel like part of getting older is simply learning to not take things personally and we are all at varying degrees of that. Let’s move up together and stop taking things personal. 

I want to feel confident enough in my projects so that I can share them with others? I mean yes I need more confidence. The sexiest thing, right. I do want the confidence. But also really, really what I want is for people to feel secure enough in their own shoes that my success does not threaten them. Success is abundance. We can all have it. My success doesnt stop you from being successful. In face we can all get better together. This isn’t only the CEO can be rich, not throw it away, lets all be CEOs we make our world this is a lie, the lie of scarcity. Nothing is scarce. Love is endless.

 I know that I can get overly ambitious. I know that sometimes when I am listing my projects people tell me it’s a lot… but WAIT full stop. Is it a lot? I guess to some peoples standards, but why do I have to shrink myself for other opinions of time? Why do I feel too big for those around me? Maybe they just feel small. But I am not responsible for anyone else but myself and I am allowing myself to feel small by others standards. Maybe I need to stretch out my timeline, maybe I need to finish projects before I start new ones. Sure ok. But Why does everyone feel the need to give me the reasons why I will fail. I already know them, i have thought about them, lost sleep over them. I have probably already cried about it. I understand we shouldn’t be blind support. I get people have my best interests at heart. My issue is that We fear success of others because we are too scared to believe in the success of ourselves.

What’s holding you back? Is it your own limiting beliefs what project are you wanting to complete but haven’t had the guts to start yet. What have finished hobby is collecting dust? Go do a little of the thing. Forgive yourself, make a plan, believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

I believe in you.

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