Here’s why I stopped Eating Fish

Why I stopped eating fish!

Yes I would sometimes get fish when I go out, mostly traveling because Vegan options can be few and far between. And I am known for getting a california roll when I am in a big hurry. When I did eat fish I would feel insanely full and get very bloated. My rational for eating fish was I could catch a fish and kill it myself. If you’re not willing to kill the animal yourself you shouldn’t be allowed to eat it, I still firmly believe this. But just because for survival I could kill a fish, doesn’t mean I have to. I am not on the brink of survival, I have options. And If traveling and food is an issue, thats on me to plan better. I can do better research before hand or have snacks handy so I am not forced into a situation like being in no where wisconsin and the only thing I can eat is like a fish fillet at mc donalds. Gross. 

But here is the thing. I think I was wrong to eat fish before. And not to punish myself or something but to recognize my shitty behavior and change it is growth. I don’t think I can in good conscious eat fish anymore. If you have seen me eat fish in the past, that is who I used to be. I can’t change my past but I can change my future. I am acknowledging my inconsistent behavior and doing something about it.

Except for those living in coastal communities — or even inland if we’re talking freshwater species — for most people, eating fish is a choice, not a necessity. Some people believe that the sole purpose of fish is for us to eat them. They are seen as commodities. Yet wild fish, like wild birds, have a place in the natural ecosystem which outweighs their value as food. They’re part of the systems that make the planet function in our favor, and we should be protecting them because of their importance to the ocean. They are carbon-based units, conduits for nutrients, and critical elements in ocean food webs. If people really understood the methods being used to capture wild fish, they might think about choosing whether to eat them at all, because the methods are so destructive and wasteful. It isn’t just a matter of caring about the fish or the corals, but also about all the things that are destroyed in the process of capturing ocean wildlife. 

I used to justify the eating of fish by it being this occasional thing that i did but I seriously had to ask myself: is it more important that I consume fish, or to think of them as being here for a larger purpose? Today, marine fish are being caught with methods that our predecessors could not even imagine. Our use of large-scale extraction of wildlife from the sea is profoundly detrimental to the environment. We’re using modern techniques capable of taking far more than our natural systems can replenish. Think about it — the factory ships that use enormous nets or log lines, some of which are 50- to 60-miles long, with baited hooks every few feet, they take more than can be replenished naturally, and they take indiscriminately. Worst of all are the bottom trawls that scoop up the whole ecosystem. And most of what’s taken in them is simply discarded. With respect to the ocean systems, they’re just leaving a hole. A huge space that is not going to be filled overnight. It’s not eco-conscious to eat tuna — maybe thousands of plants make a single pound of Blue Fin Tuna. It’s also difficult to replenish that species of fish, as they take years to mature. Not to mention that you’re consuming all of the toxins that the fish has consumed over the years.

Fish’s Flesh Contains Toxic Chemicals

The consumption of fish flesh is also harmful to humans. Both wild and farmed fish live in increasingly polluted waters, and their flesh rapidly accumulates high levels of dangerous toxins. The most prominent of these are polychlorinated biphenals (PCB) and mercury, which can harm the brain of anyone who eats them. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that fish can accumulate thousands of times the level of cancer-causing PCBs found in the water in which they live. And according to The New England Journal of Medicine, fish “are the main if not the only source of methyl mercury,” a substance that has been linked to cardiovascular disease, fetal brain damage, blindness, deafness, and problems with motor skills, language, and attention span. As if all that weren’t enough to make your stomach turn, remember that seafood is also the number one cause of food poisoning in the United States!

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