How to manage Knee Pain

Battle Pain with movement!

Helpful Stretches in combating knee pain!

Knee Pain is super common. Personally I struggle with knee pain. I Run a lot and I was in a car accident two years ago that still cause issues for my knees! but the good news is you can combat knee pain and even over come it. Be gentle and kind to yourself and if anything is super painful, avoid the movement and consult your doctor. But if it it’s just uncomfortable try some of these stretches and hopefully you can overcome some of that pain by developing your flexibility and increasing your supporting muscles.

Here is my go to stretches that help me when my knees hurt. I am a personal trainer and I have worked with many different clients who’ve had a wide range of issues from knee replacement recovery to soccer injuries.

Your knee is an exquisite piece of engineering. The joint where the femur, tibia and patella meet also includes four major ligaments—anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments as well as the medial and lateral collateral ligaments. Joint function is assisted by major cartilage formations as well as fluid-filled sacs called bursae. These miraculous joints enable us to walk, run, sit and stand for our entire lives.

Why are knee injuries so common?

Because your knee carries a lot of your body. Think how important your legs are! You use them all the time, to stand u, to sit down! The knee is particularly vulnerable to injury. It is the joint between the two longest bones of the body, and the entire weight of the body is transferred to the foot through the knee. The knee is also more prone to injury because its stability decreases as it bends. And don’t get me started on twisting.

Some knee injuries have to be fixed with surgery, but I always say try movemnet if you can. If it’s super painful avoid that motion and talk to a doctor, but if it’s just uncomfortable give some of these exercises a try and if you are looking for a knee stregthening workout, schedule a virtual training session with me, or check out my downloadable pdf on my Etsy HERE

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I have been a personal trainer for 4 years and a Pilates instructor for 6 years. I focus on pain rehab and increasing mobility. I am an avid runner and know what it’s like to feel that knee pain. I have struggled through over use injuries, car crash injuries and other common knee issues. I have personally found movement that’s help me strengthen and use my knees more. That’s right the ticket to reducing you knee pain is thru using your knees! It sounds crazy but I know from personal experiences that its true! And doing these types of exercises with my clients I have watched all of them overcome their knee pain!

I decided to create a series focusing on overcoming pain! Follow along with me, I am going to go thru all parts of the body that experience pain and walk you thru exercises to reduce that pain. I plan to offer Free You tube videos and Printables, as well as more in depth downloadable content for a small fee, I am also always available for one on one training if you have a specific issue you would like advice on addressing. Whatever your budget I want to help you find a more pain free life!

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